Mad Skills BMX 2 (MOD money)


For those who are passionate about the sport of adventure racing, you will not feel alienated from the crooked and rugged terrain. And now there are games like Asphalt 8: Airborne for cars, Traffic Rider for motorcycles and now a new bike racing game, Mad Skills BMX 2. See if it has any outstanding features.

Dance with your bike and win

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a type of racing game, so the control of the player’s character also needs to have a little skill. Otherwise, it will cause the character to lose quite sometimes before can maintain the record in the game. Only one player with Mad Skill BMX 2 is to control their characters to participate in the challenging race. Along with the companion racing car, the player must overcome many unpredictable racing paths.

The game is split into several different tracks, and in the top tracks, it’s easy to get used to the terrain and the way you play. But when it comes to higher-level tracks, players must have better, more controlled controls to make more achievements, earn more money and become the best racers of the game.

Dangerous racetracks

The race is held on a large and very long sandy beach. Space in the game is meticulously designed and true as a real bike race in real life. It may be in a wilderness area, a dumpster with old cars thrown into a mountain of rubbish or racing in the heart of the city, where there is a high school race. Make yourself feel like an athlete and try your best to win. It’s a game that has to be rewarded. Immediately after completing a race with high achievement, you will receive money, gold or other things. This money can be used to repair a race car or upgrade it to a price that can be paid in cash or gold. Of course, the larger the amount, the more options will be opened.

Do not forget that you have a lot of help

With a shop system that provides a full range of repair and car decoration equipment. Accompanied by that is showing the racing speed, the elasticity of the front wheel and the rear. This is very important for a race car and an athlete; it is essential to consider and change to suit different types of terrain. When you put money in, sure players will not regret seeing how his race car is not changed. Besides, costumes for characters will also be offered to buyers.

Choosing this outfit depends on your preferences, but if you put on a beautiful and comfortable exterior will make you more confident, protect the character in the event of an accident, make sense. Same with the character race cars. And above all, enhance the spirit of the battle against the formidable racers.

Sum up

You have to have an account in the game, so when you become a racer in Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod APK, your character will be the avatar on the account. This helps the player to recognize his character if both himself and the other player characters have the same outfit. The game is free so why not try it. People can also see the trailer for more details offline.

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