Mad Teacher – Classroom Makeover Madness Mod APK v1.0.0 (Unlimited money)


At the end of each lesson, do you feel tired or inhibited with the teacher? Have you ever witnessed your teacher’s face become distracted? She threatens to score points E and F on your scorecard when you clearly do not do anything wrong! Why are there such teachers? Is there any way to get her to the madness she encounters again for our students? If they are not very satisfied with such teachers, they should also find ways to relieve their pressure. Then come to the Mad Teacher, this would certainly be a paradise for you, satisfying the little evil spirits want to provoke an angry teacher.

Download Mad Teacher – Classroom Makeover Madness Mod APK v1.0.0 (Unlimited money) for Android

In the game there will be many characters including students – will be you and other classmates. We will create humorous classroom jokes to irritate the teacher, making her more and more mad with her face turned into angriest! So what can you do in the game when you want to make her face uncomfortable ugly? Time-action plans to do bad teacher course will be secret! It’s time to get revenge! Create a small explosion in your high school classroom with the available small gunpowder. Making strange sounds made her mad, tying the teacher’s shoelaces together and even painting her face while she was sleeping, all possible in the Mad Teacher, to satisfy your after school. Pulled her to see the gym teacher to make her close to others and forget about the anger and leave you alone. Make up the hair to make her beautiful or ugly? Put her in the circle of the high school love story. It’s up to you.

Players can choose any location to anger teachers because of the fancy design and humor of the game, make the most of the classrooms, sports grounds, cafeteria when implementing the secret plan. Features in the game can be said is when your stupid teacher sleep, draw the bizarre shapes on her face with the most horrible colors, sneak salt into the cup to make her unable to drink, tie her shoelaces together, create more fun jokes! When she fell in love with handsome gym teacher! Help her decorate her workplace as well as her face so she can run to the new love!
She needs your help to be more beautiful! She wants to be a fashionable girl, with a new hairstyle. Dressed in beautiful dresses. Please help her! The risk of success and she can have a romantic date maybe you will be in favor of point A there!

Make sure you use all the pranks that you know to annoy a hard-core teacher. Of course, just in the game offline, at least teachers can not deduct real points. The game is just entertaining and will make you feel better after hours of hard work.

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