Magnificat Advent 2017 APK (Update v1.0.4)


Want to find a place to relieve anxiety stress in life. You believe in God and want to know more about religion. Too many ads, false information makes you unwilling to follow the complexities of society now. Welcome to the Advent Companion App, a perfect lifestyle expected as a new human finishing. As a companion to the end of the journey to Advent, with the Masses out daily, prayer activities, meditation, and more only in Magnificat Advent.

Download Magnificat Advent 2017 APK (Update v1.0.4) for Android

Your life with your prayers will never be the same and it will make you feel more relaxed. Apps are in the day-to-day format, Advent Companion application includes:
Liturgical sacrifices
Daily prayers and scriptural readings, carrying profound religious teachings that rid human beings of the darkness.
Prayers – the prayer cycle for morning, evening and night is updated with a calendar available to help the user to capture time as well as arrange to do so.
Meditation – an experienced author writes the daily meditation on reading the Gospels. Learn and cultivate the knowledge and improve the elegant life without imposing, restraining yourself.

Color tones are easy to recognize, simple words and easy to penetrate people’s thoughts, so it is beneficial for concentration and relaxation. The application allows users to switch to other parts if they want to change. It not only helps people have a good life but also a habit to ponder and self-identify themselves. Each of the Advent Companion products includes unique features, which you will not find anywhere else:

  • A series of essays and blessings that users can freely choose and use depending on time or preferences.
  • Advent payment service allows direct payment on an exchange. Do not waste time and ensure absolute safety.
  • Specialized monologues that allow users to update regularly without interruptions.
  • Another unique feature called Advent Stations will appear after the user. Open your heart to welcome peace and peace and the saints of human philosophy. Where human beings can forget the sorrows of mundane life. With Magnificat Advent, it is a separate space for the user. Nothing to do with life outside.

For only $1.99 you can use this software, and if you like the Advent Companion application, you should try other Magnificat apps too! There will be many surprises along with the teachings and sermons if you join. Also, users can also send feedback to the app for managers to enjoy better user rights. All for a peaceful life, without hindrance, the complexity of each human being, but also for a world of peace, happiness, where we live and die, is on the side of God.

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