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The Avengers comic of Marvel is always the theme for most filmmakers to exploit it and there is not short of participation of game developers in the world. There are a lot of titles for superhero themes, but perhaps the plot and the gameplay of the MARVEL Avengers Academy, a new rookie co-produced by TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment are remarkable.

MARVEL Avengers Academy v1.16.0 Mod APK Download latest for Android

MARVEL Avengers Academy will still give to players a fight against Hydra. In the face of a fierce battle, Nick Fury- the director of SHIELD set up the Avengers Academy to teach superheroes how to develop their special abilities and defeat evil. One of the Avengers, Ironman, when he was young, was the first to register and tasked to recruit new heroes such as Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk,… to defeat Hydra.

This is a good and unique game idea, it creates a strange wind blowing into the familiar series of Super Heroes that players have seen. Players will choose for themselves one of the superhero versions, when they were young, to participate in normal classes. In addition, there are sports activities and training courses to build, exploit and improve the divine powers of the heroes to be able to battle a lot of villains of the Marvel world.

After building the school, taking classes to improve their abilities, players will take their superheroes to engage in story-based battles. Besides, players can customize characters from clothes to skills in their own way without constraint. It can be said that in MARVEL Avengers Academy APK, development, and tactics are more focused than the action factor. Promising to participate in the game, student life of the superhero will give players an interesting experience.

Features in MARVEL Avengers Academy Android Mod

Discover the new world of the Marvel Avengers

  • Discover the maturation process of your favorite the Marvel Avengers from being a student to becoming a strong warrior.
  • Transform into familiar characters like Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Loki, Captain America and more.
  • Develop supernatural abilities at the Avengers Academy.
  • Experience the lives of the heroes at the Academy

Discover the real life of a Marvel Avengers

  • Date and confront other opponents.
  • Experience the complex life of the hero simulated truly.
  • Build your dream academy

Build your campus

  • Build dormitories, classrooms, and libraries for superheroes.
  • Complete the facilities of the academy with practice rooms, stadiums and more.
  • Accelerate for the team.

Mod Features

  • Free shopping
  • Instant actions
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