Marvel Strike Force (MOD Energy)


Are you a fan of the Marvel blockbuster movies? Then be ready to experience the Marvel Hero world right on your smartphone right now because of the good news for the fans today! FoxNext Games and Marvel Entertainment are set to release the upcoming Marvel Strike Force RPG action game in 2018. Let us take a look at the most interesting parts of this fascinating game from the name!

Marvel Strike Force is an RPG based team-worked fighting game, which gives you a better chance of winning. Your task is to collect different Marvel characters, they contain extraordinary powers and help you in battle. Marvel characters form a mighty team of captains, enjoy spectacular battles from your own phone as in blockbusters (see more about fighting pictures extremely beautiful from the teaser below).

Do not forget to collect the latest weapons and equipment, upgrade them to become stronger than ever, and finally defeat SHIELD. Do you find the content of the game not entirely surprising and unique? But that does not mean that you will not be fascinated with it, players will immerse themselves in this game in every time.

With Marvel Strike Force, you will be amazed by the stunning 3D graphics of this game. Each character is designed in the same way as in the movie, characters and costumes are polished, gorgeous to every detail. Marvel fans should not ignore this blockbuster, and it will be released early next year, indeed, it is also very interesting if you know that the Marvel Strike Force ‘ has officially opened today. If you sign up for the ‘Marvel Strike Force’, you get 500 power points (something that can make you invincible), 50,000 gold and a 3-stars Daredevil character right from the start.

Main Feature

  • The plot is based on Marvel’s original comic book series
  • Familiar characters: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thanos, Deadpool
  • Great 3D graphics, dynamic sound
  • Become the great hero and destroy the evil Thanos
  • Supports many languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French …
  • Prepare for the movie Avengers: Infinity War

Currently, games are only tested in certain countries. Luckily, we’ve got the APK file for this game and share it with everyone below. Do not forget to enable Wifi so that the game can automatically download DATA (700MB). Then you can experience this game.


Increase Energy(You can directly use Character’s 3rd skill)


1. You can attack
2. Enemies do not attack


1. Increase Energy(You can directly use Character’s 3rd skill)
2. You can attack
3. Enemies do not attack

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