Master of Eternity APK (MOD Damage/Defense)

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  • March 19, 2018
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Have you ever dreamed of having a particular plane and especially for combat missions? A universe full of danger but no shortage of surprise, thrilled to welcome you to join today. Come to the Master of Eternity (MOE) – an exciting role-playing game for the makers of NEXON Company. Building the idea is a mysterious planet with Pixie’s core features and a variety of equipment, mechanics in the hope of bringing the most memorable SRPG games. Come to the Master of Eternity (MOE) right now or read more about what I’m about to say about this exciting game right now.

The sexy girls

You are on a spacecraft that leads to the planet of the Master of Eternity. As you enter, you will need to complete a series of missions to reach the final victory. First, this is the place where the most cruellest SRPG battles will take place, the most appealing of them; they will stimulate your passion for conquest. You need to use the skills already installed by the system in the way that you think fit and follow your strategy to create the most stable, an impressive and accurate combat experience. Most prudent. Next, you’ll bond with a ship full of Pixies through endless adventures. You should also remember that you need to push your Pixies to the end of the Battleground. You will join fierce battles with Temple Guardians to take on the other PvP Wars in the oddest side game. Also, you will have daily tasks that you set up system dedicated to you to conquer every day, when successful, you will have the corresponding reward and most worthy.

Join PvP with other players

Master of Eternity (MOE) is a pride of the NEXON Company. Because they are confident with the very things, they set up in the MOE. Of course, some of them are unique features. You will be sitting on your spaceship. Adventure to where you will participate in the most impressive matches. You will have Awaken Pixies when using the Genic Seed System and successfully unlocking their powers and powers. The PvP and SRPG series are both proactive and highly productive. Each match will give you the feeling that you can not find anywhere. Also, come with a series of features that you should also note, such as Game age appropriate age is 12 years and older. Make sure your period is necessary not to violate the rules of the manufacturer as well as affect the spirit, the players feel offline. At the same time, your mobile device should not have less than 2GB of RAM; this is to ensure your game is as smooth as possible when downloading and to ensure uninterrupted experience.


The game was introduced by NEXON in 2015, so far, Master of Eternity has improved a lot regarding graphics, sound. Instead of a simple 2D graphics, the publisher has upgraded to high-end 3D graphics, the most well-designed characters, most authentic. Background music is also added sensibly, creating a sense of excitement for the player.

Sum up

If you are still hesitant about whether to take MOE on the machine or not, I just want to say, just try it and you will be attracted to it immediately. Come to the world of the Universe Master of Eternity. Understand the feeling of fighting, great adventure. And please download the Master of Eternity MOD and enjoy every moment you can not go anywhere today.

MOD: X5 Damage/ X5Defense

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