Maze Planet 3D Pro APK (MOD Stars/Balls Unlocked)


Do you love the game of wisdom? Maze Planet 3D Pro I am talking about is great for you if you are a fan of the intellectual puzzle game, namely maze. A new game from DK GAMES with a series of upgrades compared to its predecessor. Some of the highlights are no ads appearing because the game does not agree to play ads of all types for not interrupting the game due to the need for concentration high of the game itself. Adding a total of 45 different types of labyrinths increases the excitement and excitement for the player, requiring perseverance to unravel the maze as well as satisfy passion with the “seek out” of the gamer. , and a whole host of other innovations and updates. Come to Planet Maze Planet Pro right away.

About the new maze types

This is the point I consider to be the most prominent in theist successor of Maze Planet 3D Pro after being improved. You will pass the maze by taking the ball through the confused jungle to reach the final destination. The maze will be designed around a 3D planet; Many new planets in the Maze Planet have been added to the game, and let’s experience it all by yourself.

A total of 45 planets and 25 balls have been set up waiting for you to launch and conquer. To make your discovery process easier, the system creates a new feature called “lock”. The key is to guide you to the end. You need it to open the gate at the end of the road. To find these “power” locks, you have to open the “Find lock” mode and always have to remember; the time is limited, so you have to ensure you fast enough to make the most of that time. Discover all kinds of the strange maze of Maze Planet and find a lot of fun.

Easy Gameplay?

It’s easy to imagine a maze game. All you have to do is find the door and try to get to the exit. In Maze Planet 3D Pro, you control the ball and conquer the maze to get out. To move the ball, you have to You can use two ways: the first is to use the bottom right-hand joystick on your mobile device’s screen. If you do not like hand-pressing, you can choose to tilt the device to adjust it accordingly.


Bring in the excitement from the simple things that still create the feeling of fun to explore the gamers. It is not impossible to mention the system features of the game as: You can change the game mode by the top left button. Each way of play will correspond to different exciting things, all the fun is different and is waiting for you to discover and explore it yourself. Along with that you can change snag graphics quality or LOW in the game menu in addition to the main screen of the game to better match your mobile device.

Sum up

If you are a fan of simple games, intellectual games or good looking, Maze Planet 3D Pro MOD is a wrong choice. With the updated version of the game, the game hopes to please the desire of gamers who have known the Maze Planet before, and more than the new gamers of this exciting game too. Download Maze Planet 3D Pro on your own and stir up any nerve to find the right path for yourself.

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