Metal Gear Solid 3D for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV APK (Update v11.600.GM)

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With the explosion of action games, Metal Gear Solid has made a strong mark on the game market, continuously launching products. Following the success of the legendary fighting game, Metal Gear Solid has released the latest version of Metal Gear Solid 3D for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. With this coming back Metal Gear Solid 3D for SHIELD TV makes players feel more intense fighting atmosphere with his character.

Download Metal Gear Solid 3D for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV APK (Update v11.600.GM) for Android

As for the gameplay, it is still Naked Snake’s story to carry out its mission, the player must complete the job of Naked Snake, but requires higher levels and techniques. Inspired by the Cold War in 1964, FOX employees Naked Snake had to return to Russia to kill The Bos counselor and avoid nuclear conflict.
Can you help the Naked Snake survive and fulfill his mission, the only way to fix it, here is the player must rely on camouflage, fighting, stalking, interrogation, climbing, and ability to place a trap? At the same time, try to overcome the pitfalls of the enemy. The higher the skill level of the player, the higher the success level of the Naked Snake missions.

The best of Metal Gear Solid 3D is for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, based on the gaming core, NVIDIA SHIELD can also help players connect with other players. The basic requirement of the game is to equip the player with NVIDIA SHIELD, SHIELD game controller, 4.1 GB or more. Featuring a highly entertaining action-packed gaming action, the Metal Gear Solid 3D for NVIDIA SHIELD TV adds a touch of detail to the game’s storyline. Not only attractive to young people, the game is also an option for action enthusiasts, explorers, dynamic and brave.

With graphics using impressive 3D images, the character is the real battlefield in the game. At home, you can return to the harshest of human history, the optimum support NVIDIA SHIELD TV, the difference in visual sound quality, giving the player a new experience. Unique and attractive, through which players create their own world with network sharing, connecting players together. Players can record live games and share their playmates. Get into the world of Metal Gear Solid 3D for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, the sound quality is designed with true optimality, when connected to the headphone, the world of Metal Gear Solid 3D for NVIDIA SHIELD TV live, impressive. which the player can feel directly. The characters in the game not only fight but also the ability to overcome challenges, requiring players need tactics, tactics guaranteed.

With the massive support from Metal Gear Solid 3D fans for NVIDIA SHIELD TV, not only is the game’s most anticipated gameplay, it is also challenging to compete with the same line of gamers, which is why. Can not miss Metal Gear Solid 3D for NVIDIA SHIELD TV. After releasing MGS2 for this platform, Metal Gear Solid 3D for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV game will be available through the Google Play store.

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