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Nowadays, with the explosion of the information technology industry, people have more and more options for entertainment and use according to their needs. In particular, online games mark a big dot for the top spot to serve customers. Developer Jelly Button Game launches action game called Monster Blasters ( hopes to attract the attention of the network community. Let’s see what it’s attractive!

Want to become a hero or want to be a monster?

Often you will play the superhero in most games. But with Monster Blasters (, you can be a monster or a hero as you like. The ultimate goal is to become the winner. But of course, it is still the hero. With the goal of winning, liberating all the places enemies occupy, the player controls the selected character to take on an entirely new journey in a place and difference. Like most games, Monster Blasters will also have many levels to achieve the character through winning the low level to a new level. Before entering a real battle, the character will be trained skills and participate in a set of battlefields with some simple monsters that are easy to kill.

They will often be monsters like dinosaurs, destroying everything they go through and attacking you. Then when you have individual skills, the bigger and more dangerous enemies will be your opponents. There will be many monsters that can appear at once to attack you, but when you are defeated, you can still return to battle with specific times. There will be boards that will guide players how to use, retrieve or upgrade equipment before joining a new struggle. The game offers a wide variety of weapons, either available or up to a certain level, or use gold collected to buy or upgrade existing weapons in your weapons list.

Graphic design and features

There are many rewards that players can receive depending on each battle, some of which are new weapons such as drillers, grenades and other weapons, gold coins with upgrading. Battles take place in a large building like a science research station, a laboratory in an empty city. Homes and trees are available, even planes and vehicles are available too, but they are created to serve the search for monsters and to assist us. The colours are quite dark to create danger and stimulate the desire to explore the experience of the game. Monster Blasters has only two basic controls: moving and using weapons on both sides of the screen, which helps the player avoid being distracted when fighting, having space to observe enemies and easy for all everyone to use.

Sum up

With graphics not too sophisticated, the gameplay is quite simple but does not make you feel dull. Also, the sound is not too loud to show the drama of the battle fight, Monster Blasters ( hopes players can have a good time with the game. You can download for free and use our products now.

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