Monster Legends (MOD, Damage/3 Stars)

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  • August 7, 2019
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As we all know, in European or North American legends filled with scary monster stories, but we do not know where the origin of them is, and how they are born. Are they on this planet, are they alive? Are they cruel and harmful to people as stories we read? Publisher Social Point has built an imaginary monster world in its game Monster Legends – RPG, and if you want to answer your questions as long as possible, then experience this game offline.


Monster Legends – RPG is about the war between monsters in a legendary ancient land. The land consists of nine islands, and each island has many monsters living. Your task in this game is to train monster warriors to conquer all 9 islands. First, what you need to do in this game is to nourish your monster. Select the “Breeding Mountain” function, then select the monster to breed, and start the feeding process.

In a particular time, you need to take care of your monsters; they will grow up, develop into the best seeds in your army. The strength and combat abilities of each monster show through the Power, Life, Speed and Stamina stats. You can increase these stats by enhancing and upgrading their skills. In addition, the game also provides an area for you to grow food for your warriors. You can find seeds in the store, then buy them and plant them for food. After each battle, the energy of the warriors will be reduced; you give them food to recharge, prepare for the upcoming difficulties.

About the mechanism of play, Monster Legends are turn-based combat genres. The two sides will fight each other until one of the two armies is destroyed. You will be controlling each of your monsters, taking hits on the opponent you specify. Although the opponent may be stronger, if you have a good tactic, then you can ultimately win. However, the difficulty will gradually increase as you go to conquer each land. So, keep upgrading the strength of your warriors. In addition to overcoming the land, based on the plot, you can also challenge your friends in Online mode. This feature is the quite high community; you can meet many other players, chat together and make friends. However, you need a network connection to be able to participate in this mode.

Outstanding features

Level up quickly to fight

Get the experience to help your monster level up quickly. Monster Cells are an important part of their development. You can find them in the library. Energize Monster Cells to explore a new power source

Do not forget that you have an NPC

Like most classic RPG games, players always have an NPC that guides you whenever you have difficulty. Accompanying you on this difficult journey is the panda mage named Pandaft. He is a good witch; he will help you to level up quickly. So, keep an eye on the left side of the screen.

Fight with the legendary monsters

Chiến đấu với quái vật huyền thoại trong Monster Legends cho Android

Never think that you are the strongest. There are dangerous monsters that appear in the Adventure Map. Join your friends through this challenge and bring back valuable rewards.

Expand your collection with over 500 different monsters

Mở rộng bộ sưu tập Monster Legends cho Android

This is an exciting game because it brings you more than 500 different monsters. Each monster has its own shape and skill. You can create a collection for yourself, even build a family for them.


Can you conquer all 9 islands of Monster Legends – RPG? What challenges will you face in the lands you set foot in? Join this game, collect the most powerful monster warriors, fight the monsters and become a legend.

MOD Info?

MOD v1:
1. Always Win with 3 Stars
2. Extreme Damage
3. No Skill Costs

MOD v2:
1. Always Win with 3 Stars
2. Extreme Damage
3. No Skill Costs

NOTE 1: The Damage is shared with the enemies. So both have it. This MOD is only to loose or win faster since you cannot loose.

NOTE 2: This MOD only works for Adventure Map.

NOTE 3: The damage is not working on all devices, mainly it only works on emulators like NOX.

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