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For many of us, Monster Cartoons Inc. has become part of our childhood. Adorable monsters come out from “strange doors” to scare the babies. This movie has inspired many works of art, toys and games. Inspired by the cute monsters in Monster Inc., the publisher of flaregames released Monsters with Attitude, a multiplayer game (and a lovely one, of course!). You should try playing Monsters with Attitude!

Get started with a bit of information about the publisher – FlareGames.

FlareGames is a new game publisher from Germany. In recent years, FlareGames is considered one of the fastest growing mobile game publishers. To date, the company has launched more than 15 games exclusively on the Apple Store. Many of the games released by the publisher are favourites from players around the world such as Nonstop Knight, Royal Revolt 2, Dawn of Steel, Olympus Rising, Chuck Norris, Evoker, Flick Arena … And Monsters with Attitude is one of the most popular games of flareGames.

Excellent 3D graphics.

Monsters with Attitude APK players will be fascinated by the game graphics. Personally, I’m really in love with monsters in the game. They are fantastic and cute thanks to the unique, creative design of the design team. Besides the cute monsters, the game world is very eye-catching in each context and details. You will be amazed at the city, the plants and the explosive effects of monster attacks.

Sound effects are carefully invested.

Not as good as the graphics, but the sound in Monsters with Attitude can convince the most difficult players. Flaregames mobile games are carefully invested in sound effects. The design team tried to give the player the most realistic feel. You will feel the excitement of the game when participating in the battle and complete the task assigned. Background music and effects when the monster ravaged, attack or explosion, burning fire, … are terrific in quality.

An interesting story with simple yet fun gameplay.

The story of Monsters with Attitude begins when, incidentally, a monster band gets lost in the endless galaxy. Incidentally, they are attracted by music, video games from Earth. This monsters team decided to visit our planet, but with them, it was cool! Tragedy happens to Earth, when these crazy monsters turn our planet, Earth, into a playground. These bad guys fight each other to prove that they are the strongest of the bunch. That’s ridiculous!

It can be said that simple gameplay is the key to the success of Monsters with Attitude. With such a cute story, simple gameplay is best suited. When playing Monsters with Attitude, you will select your favourite monsters to challenge other monsters. In particular, your competitors will come from all over the world! Your monsters will attack everything in front of its eyes from houses, trees to other monsters to collect more power and bonuses to grow and win. You will become the most powerful monster!

Also, when playing Monsters with Attitude, you will not only engage in battle and smash, but also to seek the secret power and the balloons to be able to defeat other stronger and bigger monsters. You can even create your own team to train, upgrade, and join in group battles.

In a Nutshell

I will not say much in this section. In this updated version of Monsters with Attitude for Android, flaregames brings players new features such as live online tournaments, 8-person online tournaments, the impressive collection of monsters with personality and ability vary. And finally, on a scale of 10, Monsters with Attitude deserves 8/10!

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