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The animals in this world are countless. Every species has its own characteristics and always attract the attention of people. But when it comes to animals that are close to humans, the dogs, the puppies look extremely cute with round eyes, run around all around the house, bubbling, screaming for a few hours. Anything is desirable. Actually, this game is very suitable for those who want to have a pet to take care of. However, not everyone has a lot of free time and effort to take care of their children in real life. So the game Mr. Pet RV is designed to help pet lovers and caregivers without affecting their work.

Download Mr. Pet RV APK (Update v0.8.7) Mod for Android/iOS

You will own lovely polar beasts and take care of them. Make the names that match your dog. No matter what the name is, the name will be stored in the game. They run around in the house, stirring fun with each other when running to the garden to dirty even the smooth coat that is inherent. They dig the land, catch the insect leaves forever do not come back in the house and smell foul up by playing forever. And it is your job to wash them. Buy bath towels suitable for dogs. Bathing them clean and lovely. Get your dog to take it to any street.
Sometimes they are sick, picky eaters make our pet weak. Do not worry, there are also veterinary clinics to bring your dog to the clinic. The veterinarian will take care of, and examine your bladder accurately.

At times we are too busy to take care of pets make it irritating, difficult afternoon. And you have to do something to alleviate the dog’s bland character. Give it a good bone or take it out.
The game also organizes several mini-games between different puppies and players. Your puppy will be practiced hard, you must make pets have a plan to eat nutritiously. Exercise them fast and do their best to win the first prize. Because the parts are quite simple and all pet components are small and engaged. Help your puppy become the winner and take some pictures to make memories. You can also take it to the hairdresser’s salon and create the right pet wigs. It will also be unforgettable moments for the players.


  • Pet designs designed by the most modern 3D technology will make the player look like a real puppy.
  • The game offers a variety of lovely and pet-friendly pet stores, which are very suitable for our pet dogs.
  • The sound of the dog brings true feelings, including the cry, the small cry of the dog is very natural.
  • There is also a page for Puppy Diary and snapshots to keep track of the puppy’s memories, recording their sound at the most memorable moments.

It is not easy to keep pets if we really do not love them and want to take care of them honestly. Mr. Pet RV was created to create a connection between animal lovers and always want to create fun for players

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