Music Racer (MOD, Unlocked)


Have you ever wondered if the riders on Formula 1 have music or not? Want to experience the feeling of speed conquest to satisfy your passion, while still enjoying the feeling of familiar tracks stretching along the path? Then come to Music Racer of AbstractArt Producer to feel all the things I have said.

Known as a brand new gaming company, not too many products, AbstractArt is said to be a game with great potential and seriously determined to make a mark with this game. Set up and start working with a relatively simple description: Art & Code. However, all the hopes and messages that we hope to convey are reflected in this brief slogan.

Enjoy quality music

Like Cytus II, Music Racer is an exceptional game that can be linked to the song list available on your mobile device. You will be placed on an arcade track with a brilliant backdrop of light. You will feel like sitting in front of a real stage with all the light and sound instead of straining before a real race. You just have to choose a song you want to listen to while immersed in the world of Music Speed Racer, as long as it is mp3 music, and then go up and conquer my race.

Think of you sitting in a race car almost controlled by music. The song you choose will determine the shape of the road light, the speed of the vehicle as well as your emotional level of the race. So, consider adopting the song that is most suitable for your fast-paced goal and does not forget to pick a song you want to hear for the most relaxing moments. Next is the task along the track. You will have some minor jobs in addition to racing in the most suitable way to get to the finish, which is collecting gem diamonds by shaking your car and remember that every movement depends on the rhythm and the colour adieu. Of the song which you choose in your music file.

Take note of the rules for winning

Flexible in choosing the sound of the game as you enter the race of Music Racer. This makes you decide for yourself when you’re immersed in the game, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this to be both entertaining and supporting the race. Benefit. Also, keep in mind that the light, as well as the goodness of the car, is determined by the music you choose. With the freedom of sound, the light follows there is no rule at all. You will feel the freshness and excitement to the extreme. Enjoy all of that in Music Racer.


Blinding eyes! That will be your first impression when the game screen appears. Everything was decorated in shades of colour, simulating the sparkling wires wrapped around both the racing car’s chassis and the side of the road. Everything that appears in your eyes is merely light, light, and light.

Sum up

One is gaming. One is listening to the music that you like. But now you have both at the same time, enjoy both on a game that integrates both music and speed racing – Music Racer. If you are not satisfied with a car racing experience because of the sound that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, then go to Music Racer MOD to own a race you decide on the theme of it. Get the most out of your music player and enjoy the most endless entertainment experience, and it may seem too hard to make you feel stressed or upset with the race. Have fun with Music Racer.

MOD Info?

All cars and worlds are open.

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