My Cafe: Recipes & Stories (MOD, Money/Crystals/VIP 7)


My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is a story based simulation game. Help “Ann” chef open restaurants, cafes and serve demanding guests around the world

The game has long been something that helps people We can entertain or satisfy their wishes. Gradually, the game market has to change and be more diverse to attract more players. They try to improve, change the content from old games or create new games that differ in how to play so that it becomes a new phenomenon in the game market. Some games may be mentioned as PUGB, Candy Crush, or Hay Day … If you are a fan of management and service titles, then you should definitely try out My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game.

Best Cooking Restaurant Simulation Game

Game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – World Cooking Game is designed very cute and can satisfy the beauty of any player including the most demanding players. The first impression is always the most important because it affects the player’s evaluation of the game not to mention whether they have played the game or not. In addition, you can view all of your cafés from a third perspective to be able to grasp the situation as well as solve some problems in the shop with just a mouse drag.

The game is continuously updated to be able to release new events as well as fix the remaining bugs in the game according to the player’s feedback. Since then, the game will receive positive feedback from players and will attract more installers. Specifically, the game is in version 2018.14 with an update on December 21, 2018.

The game has the content that you will help Ann open a luxurious café and serve those who come to enjoy drinks or a barbecue. The construction of a restaurant is hardly as simple as it is to put it into operation. In the game, there will be many eateries growing with the café’s, and it is the cause of the competition between you and those restaurants. In addition, you must try to arrange furniture to be able to serve as many customers as possible and increase sales.

Discover unique cuisine around the world

You can develop your own cafe, decorate it so that it can be the most prominent café in the neighborhood and hire more employees. The more employees who serve, the easier it is to avoid serving too long, and customers go away. Another factor that is influential is the price of food and drinks in the restaurant.

You need to balance the amount in your shop depending on the time of business to attract more customers because the price is the leading competitive factor. And when you come to this neighborhood, you will step in to get to know more characters and know their own stories so that you have more relationships and more help.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories will suit you. With simple gameplay but no less exciting both in form and content, the game will bring you a pleasant experience and a comfortable feeling when playing the game.

MOD Info

  • Coins are not spent on furniture purchases;
  • Crystal is not wasted when opening recipes and some other actions;
  • Ingredients immediately
  • Some features of level 7 VIP are available (if you need a fully functioning VIP, buy it for real money in the official version).

You use the mod at your own risk and risk – you may be blocked from using it!

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2 thoughts on “My Cafe: Recipes & Stories (MOD, Money/Crystals/VIP 7)

  1. I can’t send Diego’s orders

  2. which is now less exciting, the application can not continue the existing level instead start from the beginning again, so it’s not fun.

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