My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game (MOD, Free Shoping)


We live in big cities, big villages. Then one day we are suddenly bored of daily life, then My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary will be a game to help you release stress as well as entertainment. You will have an oasis for yourself – and that is the world just for you!

For those who go to work and learning, relaxing is sometimes difficult. There are people who come to work at 12 o’clock in the weekend. Then the rest of the time is to relax and relax. But that amount of time may be quite small. This oasis will probably make a game that makes you happier when the time is money. You can build yourself a virtual life with a normal oasis. At first, it may be small but after a period of time, it will grow bigger with your desire to explore.

Here, you can build a lake, monument, tent. There are animals for you to choose. And of course, every animal here is quite lively. You can hear the sound of running water, you can see the birds flying or simply see the nature of your creation is lively and beautiful. It seems to you that this is another life where you leave work, no car horns. You are here to build another life for yourself and immerse yourself in that virtual world.

Although it may be a virtual world, to rub the fatigue or stress of yourself. Do you have a desire to travel? But not enough time – maybe My Oasis is as good as it should be so you have some satisfaction to go somewhere. In addition, there is the appearance of the weather – of course with a scene with nature, each season has a different beauty. This can be a factor in your own morale to become more beautiful and not boring for you. So enjoy this oasis life!

This may make you happy again, but it will also help you to some extent in wanting to do something for relief. Download the game and build an oasis that you really want to live there!

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One thought on “My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing Incremental Game (MOD, Free Shoping)

  1. No download link for mod. Please check. It is showing only play store link.

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