My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode (MOD, Premium/Chapters)


Recently, multiple-choice games have become a big hit. A series of multi-player games is released in a very short time and becomes famous. My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode is the latest game from NTT Solmare Corp. With its unique storyline, a rich set of questions, the game quickly topped the Googe Play game chart. If you are a romance fan, Japanese anime style, My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode is the best choice at the beginning of 2018 that you should try out.

NTT Solmare Corp. is a small game manufacturing company based in Osaka, Japan. Therefore, the graphics of NTT Solmare games are anime style. The publisher of this game is dedicated to providing intriguing adventure games with the theme of love. Their popular games include Love Tangle / Shall we date? Moe! Ninja Girls … My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode is the most rated game in the game released by this company.


You will be a beautiful girl studying at a Japanese high school. However, her life is always boring because she has no friends. The girl must find a boyfriend to change her life. It seems like the content of the game How to Get a Girl in 33 Days, but when playing the game, you will find that gameplay My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode is entirely different. Players will experience a lot of different situations in their boring life. And of course, you will have to deal with those problems and boredom to make things better. Choose your best friends after each chapter.

Campus Hacker

This is the first game of the game; the trouble began when Norman – a brilliant football player moved to live with you. But then two other boys appeared, Peter – a professional gamer and Dean – a talented actor. Who is the type of person you love, someone can give you a passionate love? Depending on your choices and your answers, you will find your ideal boyfriend.

Also, there are many interesting situations that I can not reveal. Here are the titles of a few chapters: Untold Darkness, Yearbook, Hit the Floor!. Each episode will feature new characters, new storylines and further questions. Through this game, you will learn a lot of things in life. Moreover, you will find your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend in real life. There will be everything you need on My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode.

The main feature

With a team of young, dynamic production staff, the game is updated weekly. Each update adds a lot of new questions and new situations. So, My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode will help you never get bored. Especially, if you have a chapter that you love, you can save all that you have passed in that chapter to be able to review later. That’s great, isn’t it?

Graphics – conclusions

Graphics are not the strength of this game because this is just a simple quiz game. However, the character in the game is pretty well designed. Still anime style but we will see the character system has a little American style in design. My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode is aimed at young people, who are still students and dreaming and looking for love. However, you can also enjoy this game when bored. My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode MOD APK promises to bring you a lot of exciting experiences.

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19 thoughts on “My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode (MOD, Premium/Chapters)

  1. Hey the mod file has been working good so far until I can’t play chapter 4 of 1 story in the game. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have already delete the game and set up the mod file again but it’s still not working for chapter 4. I hope you will reply my comment, thank you very muchhh!!

  2. Update as its not working!!

  3. Its not working now. It says that connection interrupted and forced to retry and keep doing same thing over and over again.

  4. I’m also getting same issue. Connection interrupted error. No matter disconnect network and reconnect doesn’t work.

  5. Yeah, the passes don’t work, you have to wait for the free like for 2 hours.

  6. brings your story infinite money. with this mod

  7. I’m happy when the mod is working! And Its working when i bought the diamonds. But then, I can’t have another chapters to load even I use the same methods:( I delete and download the game over again but it wont work no matter what. Do you have any idea or the solution please?

  8. file is working. though u have to restart the game after selecting a premium choice. and tickets are not unlimied. only good for 5 games. i hope a new update is out soon.

  9. My story updated to version 1.0.10. So this link isn’t working anymore. Is there a new one, please?

  10. Update the mod apk please:”)) I beg you

  11. Please update the latest version ?? we beg you

  12. hi will u pls update the mod apk for the latest version? i really want to play the game. thank you for your hard work. i really appreciate it.

  13. Update please…

  14. Hello, has this been updated to the latest version? Bcs every time I tried to enter the game it says “latest version is available” and the “now downloading” always get stuck in 14.55% ?

  15. please update the app! thanks for you great work, btw ?

  16. Hey Trump is there a mod available for v 1.0.16 of this game ?

  17. any update for 1.0.16?

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