My Town: Airport APK


Are you looking for a game genre that does not require a lot of technical skill but still brings a sense of relaxation as well as new things? My Town: Airport is exactly what you are looking for. My Town: Airport is a game that is very suitable for ages 4-12, where the children will experience the flight with astronauts and astronauts to travel in the beautiful town, also such as shopping in specialised areas and try to feel like a favourite character. It can be said My Town: Airport is the most suitable choice for children to relax in the free time after hard study hours.


My Town: Airport is one of the extended versions of My village. On your trip to My Town: Airport, the first thing you need to do is buy a ticket for yourself. After the ticket purchase is complete, you have a first class seat! We are sure that the pilot will see how special you are, and invite you to the control room of the plane! And then what will happen next? He will offer to teach you how to control the aircraft, even if you are allowed to test it. WOW! Maybe this is a great experience, and I’m sure you will like it.

Also, the airport has a lot of exciting places to explore! There are many shopping malls, game halls and many great things awaiting you to explore! You can help your favourite character become ever more beautiful in new outfits. Moreover, you can freely choose or add new characters to your game!

Beside that we have some fantastic secrets for you in this game, that is what will happen when you parachute. That is a worthwhile experience. This is a new mini-game located in My Town: Airport to give the players like the feeling of adventure, a little antics. If interested you can learn more about this function offline!


The game has a lot of attractive features for you. Both games are as big as a real airport, and you will be able to control not only one but many characters in the same game. From the passengers to the staff at the airport. You can have full control over them. But this also means that you will have to do a lot of activities at the same time, such as selecting reception staff in the lobby, making coffee for guests, getting tickets for passengers, carrying checked baggage. Another exciting feature is that you can change the facial expression of the character, there are many expressions for you to freely choose according to taste, even staff at the airport just greeting passengers as weeping rain can also, it is exciting right? The publisher will update the game monthly and will feature more and more perfect features as well as a more diverse character system to maximise the efficiency of your gaming experience.

Graphics and sound

With simple graphic design and configuration, but equally excellent, sharp; In My town: Airport you will have the feeling of being like the actual flight, the part of the plane: aeroplane cabin, seat, cockpit, equipment conditioning, .. are designed extremely accurate and delicate. The shopping areas with diverse products, colours and beautiful design give you an authentic feeling. And you will never be disappointed with the beautiful graphics and the sleek, dynamic sound that the game brings to the table because they are all perfect, I’m sure you will feel great. This.

Sum up

Come to My Town: Airport for a fun experience of your trip and enjoy yourself in your favourite town in the beautiful town. So what are you waiting for? Download My Town: Airport APK game to play with family and friends in your free time and enjoy the great things that it brings.

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