My Town: Shopping Mall APK (Update v1.00)


Christmas atmosphere is melting down the street; the house is coming together to welcome a new Christmas. Do you want to buy a meaningful gift for your sister? If so, join now My Town: Shopping Mall to enjoy shopping, planning a trip and many new things are waiting.

Download My Town: Shopping Mall APK (Update v1.00) for Android

This is an entertaining game, a simple game, a simple game, and the right players are just as simple to kill time or for the kids to get to know the game without the supervision of Parents.
When you join My Town: Shopping Mall, you will have enough money to spend your happy, happy shopping for your character without worrying about being short of money. Have a good night out with friends, selfie, eat, shopping as crazy as possible. The game simulates the familiar, familiar way in which you can see American land with restaurants, amusement parks, great entertainment. Choose the most fashionable clothes, the best food to enjoy. Have fun in the air of holiday holidays.

Coming to My Town: Shopping Mall, you will:

  • Go to the pet shop, look and buy lovely puppies to take care of. It’s possible to go to the toy store to meet Santa Claus, enjoy the Xmas atmosphere as if living in America.
  • Visit jewelry stores, shoes, cosmetics… and try them. If beautiful can buy to put into your favorite closet.
  • To the dentist room, the doctor checks the oral health.
  • Go to the playgrounds and join the kids there.
  • With all the above characteristics, one can understand why it is popular, especially with young people who love fashion and shopping.

Suitable for ages 4 to 12 should ensure absolute safety. Choei is also associated with other games similar to My Town: Wedding, My Town: Museum or My Town: Playing band with friends … is very popular now. Fun graphics with simple characters with a smiley face, it makes the player feel good when placed in the character. Have fun laughing and doing what you like. With the prestige of quality assurance of the game. My Town Games Studio fully meets the requirements of designing doll house games for children, not only promoting creativity and opening up a new world of entertainment for children around the world because of a full childhood. color. Make your children have a healthy and imaginative play environment.

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