Nat Geo WILD Slots APK (Update v1.8.2) Mod


You love discovering new lands, new people, and the mysteries of ancient peoples up to now. Join in folk games and experience all the great things of nature, but you are bound by the work and money. Join Nat Geo WILD Slots, one of the most popular travel and nature-related games guaranteed to bring you the unique adventure journeys.

For animal lovers

When participating in the game, in the beginning, the player will be awarded 4 million gold coins free, you can use this coin to participate in the activities in the game. The game gives you plenty of pictures of vibrant and colourful animals and plants. There are many levels to achieve and also many challenges set. Rewards can be valuable pearls that are interspersed with numbers or other animals.

Nat Geo WILD Slots game is very similar to the diamond game; players only need to select three boxes in the corner is a letter. There will be plenty of opportunities to be added to help you participate in the selection of pearls corresponding to the amount of gold you can get and to raise a new level. Or the secret chests can contain gold and silver if you get lucky. This game not only gives you a better understanding of the history, geography and ecosystem knowledge but also is an ideal place for you to indulge in a passion for travel. It is not a place to get there, but some part of that land will be acquired by you as well as a priceless spiritual gift for everyone.

Graphic design and features

The design of the animals and characters in the game are meticulously and honestly built for the player. Sound used also brings joyful atmosphere, novelty, feeling like we are in a different world. New additions to the game have been added to the cold air of the winter and dense jungle. Get involved in exploring the wilderness of North America and experience the feeling of finding herds of buffalos there. Meet the beautiful elk, wild sheep, nimble leopard and many more, all in Nat Geo WILD Slots. Enjoy the game, as you enjoy the freshness. , great of nature brings. The game is not a gambling game or a requirement for real money, but for safety, the primary audience for this game is mature and able to use the correct number virtual coins that you have to join in a fun game in the form are quite similar to the style in casinos. Here everyone is relaxed with the mystery of the mystery of the game, learn the new land through the species of animals, cultural traditions everywhere in the world.

Sum up

It boasts of over a thousand user downloads and reviews for completing Nat Geo WILD Slots. Developer Murka Entertainment Limited has been upgrading the game promptly to meet the needs of users with the introduction of many new and unique features when it comes to the humid tropical jungle the dense of the mysterious equatorial area or volcanic mountains in Dream Island.

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