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ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE (MOD godmode/damage) – In the fantasy world of the anime, the lifespan of a product is very short, perhaps only a few months. But it produced long films that lasted up to 15 years. And of course, it still won the support of a huge number of fans because of its content and content. Naraku, Bleach, One Piece, etc are still at the top of the list.

Relive the ONE PIECE storyline

Capturing the minds of Japanese fans in particular and the world in general, the well-known producer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., holds the rights to the content of many famous brands have launched a lot of games based on above them. In 2018, continue to be a game inspired by One Piece continues to debut, serving fans around the world.

This is probably a tactical role-playing game with familiar characters of the pirate world. However, with the rapid development of the storyline, content games should also be changed. Bandai launches ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE with innovations in both gameplay and character capabilities, the latest update for the time being.

Recruit and train your own Pirate Crew!

First of all, the context of the game is sure to change, but that’s about it. In the beginning, you still have to undergo the initial difficulties of the Straw Hat Pirates. Even since Luffy began to call his team up until they gathered and fought for their cause. Of course, epic stories, coupled with fiery battles taking place on many different islands, will be revived. 2D graphics with stylized drawings make it a movie remake right on your smartphone.

The game will also have interesting points to be presented. Instead of being played on a horizontal screen like other turn-based games, you’ll be on the vertical screen. This can be explained when each character’s skill and stats table is quite complex, showing their full strength so that they will be half-screened separately.

Sum up

With a system of over 1000 different characters experiencing more than a hundred episodes, players will be free to build their own squad. Through various challenges, the player will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of his tactics. Customize the squad to bring a defensive and defensive strategy wrapped around each other. Characters also have their own stats and skill development systems, so players must pay attention to them after each game. As things get tougher, the care of the squad becomes more important before embarking on a new adventure.

MOD Info?

1. God Mode
2. High Damage

Modded by G-Bo ッ

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