Ordinal Strata APK (Update v1.0) Mod

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  • December 27, 2017
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Developed by Fuji Games and Marvelous, the recently launched mobile RPG Ordinal Strata has received attention from the community of users with the latest features. There are the following characters for the player to choose from. Asusena, Restia, Nero, Casto, Rodin, Rosette, Sati, Presto, Ordina. The main task of the player is to use the characters to fight and use the trick to defeat the enemy. The location of each character will vary with different enemies.

Download Ordinal Strata APK (Update Pre-REG) Mod for Android/iOS

Completely non-duplicate, creating a new and exciting when the user can have a lot of character experience space instead of limited to a certain location. Story content is waiting for players to explore, because every time a new level, the next content of the story will also develop. If a player hits fast, he or she can learn more about the skills provided to the character, and the combat process will have advantages for each character in the person they use.

This is a popular game genre today, with eye-catching and innovative designs, the Ordinal Strata RPG will make the player feel admirable by the differences in use. The chibi characters look cute, but their combat abilities and tactics are very elaborate and varied. After completing the task, the character’s skills and weapons will be Upgrade to each rank. Optional characters, optional sex, and combat space are also optional. The costume and weapon systems are also very diverse. Specifically, a character can have many different fighting costumes, weapons, and related items at the discretion of the player. With a well-known voice cast, the lead from the well-known publishers Fuji Games and Marvelous is a solid backdrop for the Ordinal Strata RPG to enter the fraying mobile gaming world.

RPG Ordinal Strata APK for mobile phones is coming to the Internet community coming here hoping to bring moments of entertainment and support from the players. Join with Asusena and her friends to collect the lost souls of the Restia – time goddess.

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