Ouroboros Project APK (Update CBT) Mod


You love the combination of fighting and tactics in the same game as it gives you good emotions after completing many difficult tasks. Coming to Ouroboros Projects, you get the best regarding features and design. Let’s find out about the game.

Interesting plot

When you join the game, you will be the leader when you have to choose and learn about the characters to put into battle with each type of enemy. The team that you lead is called SPARK, a secret organization created to save the lives of those in danger and help them gain knowledge. Engage in the most positive way possible to protect your loved ones and make new adventurous adventures when approaching and confronting the secrets of the hostile forces everywhere. Join the game with exciting and meaningful stories. The plot is built detailly, every story in Ouroboros Projects has its meaning and inspires players. In these new adventures, challenging levels and engaging storylines are parallel to each other, the more you get to the end of the story, the more new things will come out more with the player. With this feature, you can chat and share the story with all the usual characters or even legendary ones in the game.

Improved graphics and features

Collect various hero characters in the game. If you are an Anime fanatic and want to create a unique character collection, don’t miss this game. Ouroboros Projects provides original anime-style characters with historical backgrounds, individual characters and various fighting skills of each character such as Mozart, Jeanne d’Arc, Watt, Oda Nobunaga. Players can use characters to form a new group. Although this is a relatively simple game, the player must also map out a specific combat strategy for the character. There is an excellent mix of SPARK members. Control your combat team, select various missions such as exploring enemy combat venues and finding different information. Train yourself to see if you can develop your team to practice new skills with the significant effects that come with it while fighting. Create and archive the accomplishments your team has made to be the best commander. Interact with characters, members of the organization as much as possible. Although this is just a game, the fun they bring is also a happy thing for us. And with a cast of distinctive voice actors from popular anime series such as One Piece, A Silent Voice and Attack of Titan will bring you a new and familiar feel of each character.

To sum up

Ouroboros Project APK is currently only in the CBT (closed beta test) and is scheduled to launch until January 20, 2018, so that data can be collected. Immediately after testing, all data will be reset, and players can be used entirely. You can also contribute your ideas to the game through the game’s main website.

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