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  • October 29, 2017
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If you have heard of Nexon, this is a big man in the entertainment, specifically, a publisher mobile games from Korea. Today, we will be experiencing their latest superhero is Overhit, the game is built graphics on beautiful and true Unreal Engine 4 3D. According to what developers have announced to us, Overhit is a mobile online role-playing game with a turn-based strategy. The game was developed by Nat Games technical staff and was officially released under the arm of Nexon.

Download Overhit (By Nexon) APK latest for Android/iOS

It was built on the Unreal Engine 4 3D graphics, so we will find out about this type of graphics: Unreal Engine 4 is a complete set of tools for building and developing games. From 2D to console games, blockbusters, and Vitality Realit, Unreal Engine 4 gives you everything to start – grow – stand in the community. The fourth version of Unreal Engine is the best version of the Unreal Engine, and the Overhit game is built entirely on this software. All the images and characters in the game are incredibly smooth, no different from the PC or PS4 products.

As we mentioned above, Overhit APK is a role-playing and turn-based strategy game with awesome 3D graphics developed by HIT’s father, Nat Games and released under Nexon. The mission of the player is not just to fight and join PvP with the opponent. They will have a lot of missions in this new game, and the greatest task is to find the heroic warriors from all over the world, then form a team and against the dark forces together, that is threatening your world. The characters in the Overhit are very much and are played in the form of a card, players can strengthen, level up, … for the generals. This makes the tasks easier.

Overhit’s main mission is still PvE according to the plot that the publisher has a ready-made, but players can also participate in many other events. Overhit has some interesting mode such as PvP multi-player, even the defense, Guild, Arena,… Overhit is also considered to be one of the most popular mobile games for Nexon when it spends a tremendous amount of $ 13 million to acquire the rights to release games around the globe. With what Overhit brings, from the fascinating storyline, the new way of playing and the most advanced graphics platform on mobile to the present time, it is no wonder that Overhit will soon achieve much success for itself.

Overhit APK Key Features

  • New storyline, unique gameplay, and high-end Unreal Engine 4 graphics so Overhit deserved a blockbuster on mobile.
  • Free download and free play, however, there are a few items in the game that require the use of real money to buy
  • Supports many languages: Korean, Chinese, English
  • Play online with hundreds of thousands of players around the world

Currently, the game has been tested for Close Beta in a few countries, if you are not in the tested countries can download our .apk file below to participate in the game. Finally, have fun.

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