Overkill Strike APK (Update v2.8.2) Mod Ammo/Weapon


A new fighting game comes to the player. Overkill Strike is an action game, a survival battle between terrorists and those who protect the lives of others. The world is increasingly seriously threatened by the terrorist forces everywhere, and the lives of our people are becoming increasingly fragile. Do some people have the courage to stand up against hostile forces that want to destroy the world?

Download Overkill Strike APK (Update v2.8.2) Mod Ammo/Weapon for Android

As a classic shooting game, the characters in the game Overkill Strike are armed with guns and other weapons to prepare for the battle. Both sides and factions are in critical condition. Just a noise, a loophole is not worth it out so quickly out. So weapons are essential, firing back and forth several bullets is also prudent because they can help us defeat the opponent. Fighting with gamers around the globe, this is an exciting thing because it not only makes us more friends, connects and gets acquainted with our international friends, but is also challenged. They join the battle against conservative supporters. This is a courageous explosion, though only in the game.

The characters you control are those who carry on their will against the hostile forces. Get free access to state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art combat weapons. This is a dangerous war, dangerous and requires wisdom, so core psychological preparation and psychology are always the top priority from rifles and explosives. All in Overkill Strike.

Space filled with gunpowder smell along with the stressful moments always make the player concentrate, attentive to the goals and locations to carry out the attack. Teaming up with other players all over the world, the place to connect people who share the same hobby and high ideals in the game is together fighting the reactionary modes. This is a game not too difficult to get used to because tips to control are available on the screen, just read through is understand. In addition, the player is provided with auto-support weapons, weapons are added with more than 50 different types suitable for the map type indicates the battle location is in the jungle, van or old buildings on the outskirts of the battlefield have more than 20 models added each time they expand the combat space without much control. When being promoted to a new level, hundreds of other weapons are also released later to meet the needs of the character with the difficulty of the task. Character graphics, real-life weapons, including sound and images are as lively as you are a gunner in a fiery battle.

With a staggering number of players, Overkill Strike APK has received great feedback and support from our customers. To meet the increasing demands of the user community, the game has now been adapted into more than 20 languages in the world. Audio, images are also constantly being upgraded to bring the best service to the user when the game has a service that allows players to add maps that may be useful for battles to share. with other players.

Mod features
-Infinite Ammo
-Increased Weapon Range
-No Recoil
-No Reload
-No Spread
-Infinite Cash
-Infinite Chip
-Infinite Diamonds
-Infinite Recharge

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