Papa’s Hot Doggeria HD APK (Update v1.0)


The game is a kind of activities on the touch screen of the phone as well as on the computer, set on the occasion of the opening day at Griller Stadium, where players will be in charge of Papa Louie’s Hot Dogs! In the new version of Papa – “Hot Doggeria HD“, users will need to cook and create the most delicious sausage, added to the sausage with different seasonal seasonings and always prefer them to ready for all the guests in the stadium and those who are interested in this food.

Download Papa’s Hot Doggeria HD APK (Update v1.0) for Android

In addition, you need to have quick hands to be able to fully use and meet the requirements for serving popcorn and refreshments to customers waiting for food in the booth. Each station in the restaurant is a process of making sausages, beverages, and popcorn, so you will have to perform many tasks to keep up with customer orders. Let the number of guests, as well as the fans in the stadium, be satisfied, happy with their service, the version also provides cheerleaders that allow the user to cheer for your favorite team, and even have danced in the Derby Home Run to congratulate!

Celebrate the holiday with the great sausage. Depending on the season, people come to the stadium, the orders they order will be different and the player’s job is to meet the needs of the guests. After a long time managing the booth and achieving many accomplishments, you will unlock a few small packs that include rewards, drinks, popcorn, sauces, topping each type of holiday with a change. Dress appropriately for each occasion. Of course, customers will be excited to try new flavors. Do not worry about the bustling atmosphere of baseball holidays, you’ll have to be busy with the next hockey season. Adding a new application you can actively offer discount tickets, which has the potential to create a buyer’s trust if they intend to place more, right?
There may be some customers offering you a special recipe with some money when you can use it for sale at your booth. The bigger bonus will be a special prize when you reach a certain number of customers when using the recipe.

The corridor is customizable back, with the new theme of furniture and decoration for every holiday of the year! Decorate the restaurant with holiday decorations and your customers will not mind waiting much longer for their food. Customers can also pick up a table in the new dining area where they can order a meal instead of returning to their stadium seats. With simple graphics but still bold features of Papa’s Hot Dogheria, Papa’s Hot Doggeria HD application technology new multi-color. Wide booth scene with the good ability to help users and also booth owners can manage, operate effectively. Delicate and bright colors in accordance with the present tastes. Simple layout controls do not affect visibility, change formulas fast, easy.

Not entirely different from the previous version but certainly Papa’s Hot Doggeria HD will make you happy to use. Many features are upgraded to suit each operating system. Try it once, surely you will not be disappointed.

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