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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, so the number of fans it has is an enormous amount. So football games are becoming one of the sports we call E-sport. Football fans like to be able to watch for hours on end to watch football. If people have more time, they will play and play. Moreover, those who do not have time to play football. Actually, there are many branches of this type of football game. Team management, card games, role-playing games fight for the theme of football and also the game with the mainstream football game.

A gift for the UEFA Champions League season 2020

PES is already one of the biggest brands in the industry besides FIFA. So it is apparent that they will always have new updates to attract players. We can see that after every year there are many events for the real football market. Games may also be updated with new players or players to satisfy the fans. Aside from FIFA 2020, PES 2020 is the most anticipated football game this fall. Konami has announced to players that the 2020 version will be coming to Android soon this fall with New Engine & More.

New teams, new players, new coaches

PES 2019 will be launched as an upgraded version of PES 2018. We have got some validated information from its publisher that this update will rename the title, bring a wide variety of new features. As usual, the main download site for Android-powered mobile devices, Google Play, will receive the first version. Konami has stated that the game will be available on the Google Play site in December. So this time is a good time for the producer to refine all the things that they will launch players in the next few months. Another official statement says there will be “revolutionize” the gameplay formula of the previous title.

Improved 3D graphics

We can see that the point is that Artificial Intelligence technology will become stronger. Besides, the publisher’s support system will have an interface with a new service style. Moreover, naturally, the quality of the game will be enhanced by making them physically more realistic. Players move in the same way as the players are moving on the field along with the health, speed, time and physics of the ball.

Compared with the 2019 version of the 2020 test is completely reworked with the new players are updated. The graphics of the lawn also become more real when the player can feel the smoothness as well as the color change over time. Although this version is still included in the existing version of 2019 and Name change only. However, its active interface still has changes that make it easier for the player to manipulate. Beautiful visual effects have also been added that make the game more professional and more scientific than before.


  • If the game does not work, you may need a US IP address to start the game (try using the ExpressVPN)
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