Piano Solo – Classical Magic Game White Tiles 4 (MOD, Free Shopping)


If one day, our lives lack music, what will we be like? Sure, it will be very boring, right? Of course, because music can help us have a more precious soul, it helps us to relax and eliminate daily stress. Music is the artistic melody of life, and we will feel it more clearly when we ourselves create music. Do you ever think of becoming an artist? Join the Piano Solo – Classical Magic Game White Tiles 4 and create music to remove the sadness.

Come to the game Piano Solo – Classical Magic Game White Tiles 4, you will become a pianist such as Yiruma or Richard Clayderman. Your task in this game is to play the tracks to score as many points. Regarding gameplay, when you select an audio track, the black screen appears on the play screen. You need to touch them to play the notes. However, the melody of the song will become faster one day, and you will have to move all the black notes. If you ignore any note or miss touch the black note, your screen will stop immediately. Each time you finish your screen, you will get the notes, and some experience corresponding to the score you gain, to increase your level. At the same time, the score you gain will also be updated in the rankings with your other friends, if you link this game to Facebook.

Playing the piano has never been so simple

The music that the game offers is quite diverse; I can name some of the famous music of two artists Yiruma and Beethoven: Kiss the Rain, River Flows in You, Moonlight Sonata, Anniversary or Symphony No. 2. 5. The music will gradually open when you have a higher level; each level will receive 3 tracks, so you can play music without worry. However, there are many individual tracks that require you to use the notes to buy; some have to be bought with purple diamonds, others are unlocked only when the event takes place. Publishers are also paying attention to the development of this game, so new updates will be added to the new music to meet the entertainment needs of players. Also, if you want to test your level of play, you can participate in challenges. You will get a speed rating system, and if you pass certain points, you will receive many valuable gifts!


Overall, Piano Solo – Classical Magic Game White Tiles 4 is a music game is very interesting that you should not ignore. Although this game has quite simple gameplay, to get high marks, you have to practice a lot. Also, with such a compelling music game, the sound system is also very well processed, providing the player with smooth and high-quality melodies. So, do not delay, download this game, and challenge your friends to see who gets higher scores.

MOD: As soon as you log into the game, look at the amount of diamonds

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