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In today’s developed technology world, photo editing software is an indispensable tool in our phones, especially for girls. Everyone wants to have their best pictures to share with friends and relatives. And now there are many photo editing software available on google play, app store such as B612, Camera360, PicsArt…Choosing a suitable photo editing software is not easy. Today I will show you a professional photo editing tool that is very easy to use. That’s software @picn2k camera developed by the 2U technology company. This app is receiving very high ratings from users with 4.7/5 points.

A Travel Photographer’s camera

This is professional software that helps you edit Korean-style pictures. ‘@ picn2k camera’ has special functions that make your photos look dim or poor quality. By the method of changing the brightness, color, the software helps your original image to have an extremely attractive new look.

@picn2k camera has many themes to choose from including Indonesia (IN), Tokyo (TK), Okinawa (OK), Saipan (SP), Wedding (WD). The theme of Indonesia has a bright, light color but still brings a feeling of comfort and beauty of nature. If you are a lover of romantic style, you cannot ignore the Tokyo theme. This theme has a gentle tone of sunset afternoons. Especially the charming color of cherry blossoms will surely bring an impressive picture. Owner to Okinawa suitable for you when traveling to the sea. It gives you a relaxed, cool feeling with the sparkling sun rays shining from the sea. You can also use the master to Saipan to bring the poetic style of Spanish soil. The professional editing tips of the photographer you have longed to know will be revealed. There are practical tips to help take your daily photos that look like a trip. Don’t need anything else with its different types of editing tools!

Professional editing tools

@picn2k camera has built-in effects to help you not spend much time editing photos but still get good photos. You can also change every detail to your liking. Adjust tool allows you to rotate and crop your image to the best. Beautify tool makes the details of your photos softer and softer. Brightness tool works to regulate brightness. If your photo is too bright or too dark, you can go here to adjust the brightness of the photo. Also @ picn2k camera also has a lot of funny icons, stickers to insert into photos.

Application @picn2k camera has a simple layout, easy to use. In the center of the screen is the image you are editing. In the upper left corner is the back button to the photo gallery, the upper right corner is the option to save your product. The bottom of the screen is a series of editing options for you to manipulate the image including selecting filters, lighting, effects, … in each of those options, you can edit details such as increasing brightness, dark, noise, …

Sum up

First, select the photo you want to edit in the gallery. After that, edit the image with the choices in the wall below. You can choose the filter and change the parameters as you like. After editing, save the image by selecting the arrow button in the upper right corner of the screen. So you’ve completed a photo, so you can share it with your friends or relatives.

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