PICTAIL Fresh (Camera Palette) APK (Update v2.0)


PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette) is a new taking pictures application released by UCVideo Inc. and is being sold for $ 1.4 on Google Play and other mobile app markets. Let’s take a look at the special and exciting features of the PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette)!Because of this new application, there is good news for users that their in-app purchase products are reduced by 70%, and the total is down from $ 2.99 to $ 0.99 on app stores. People can quickly download this beautiful photo-sharing application for their beloved smartphone.

Download PICTAIL Fresh (Camera Palette) APK (Update v2.0) for Android

As you all know, Pictail always offers photographic filters, professional photo retouching, high-level photography in photoshop and the world’s leading photographers awarded prizes in international photography competitions. PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette) provides users with more than 15 professional filters, users can completely edit their photos in small sections such as people, landscape, group photo … Color contrast and opacity of the image can also be changed in a custom way to produce a distinct image effect.
PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette) is made from a professional technology called FackBook with the top design team from the big-name – Google. Filters produce brilliant and bright, colors and shape extreme high solution look like digital cameras.

20 new filters help you to make the photo more natural, softer in color. All of these filters are great when applied to landscape photos such as streets, bookstores, photo studios, coffee shops, ports, ships, barbershops or your beloved home. When using photo editing with this application, you’ll see what the image will look like when applying the filter in real-time as you shoot. All kinds of effects are also available for screen capture, allowing you to enjoy every moment with PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette).

In addition, the usual editing options are also available in PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette) such as brightness, saturation, reflection, image halo, rotation and flip, blur, heat, shadow. You will become a professional designer, create many stickers, personal photos in different styles like hip-hop, cute icons, sparkle stars, letter. Users can also save and share on social networking sites in real time instantly from this app.

To download PICTAIL Fresh (Camera palette) for free, please click on the link below!

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