Pixel Gun 3D (MOD, Unlimited Bullets)


Pixel Gun 3D – Today, if you are a person interested in movie themes or reading newspapers, you may encounter fictitious situations such as deep forest or the desert island. If you are in that situation, what do you do? You tremble and fall into a corner, waiting for someone to rescue or protect themselves, looking for solutions to save yourself? When in a difficult situation, human survival instinct will arise. Have you ever explored the survival instinct of yourself? If not, let’s start with Pixel Gun 3D: Survival Shooter & Battle Royale. This is a shooter game, combined with survival elements, like Minecraft or Last Day on Earth: Survival. Now you can explore your survival instinct right on your mobile phone, without having to go into tough situations like fiction!

Survival shooter out of rules

Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale is a shooting game, featuring two main modes of play: battle with zombies in overpopulation mode or fight with other players in PvP mode. To start your game, the first thing you need to do is to equip your character. The shop is a great arsenal of weapons; you can find primary armaments, side weapons, melee weapons, sniper rifles, or special weapons. Each type of gun is characterized by its properties: attack efficiency, firepower, number of rounds and mobility (weight). Whether a gun is effective or not depends primarily on firepower and mobility. These two properties show the strength and agility of the weapon, causing the enemy to panic.

However, their price is quite high, you have to work hard to unlock the money. Once you’ve got your weapon, you need to choose a mode of play, fight with zombies or other players, and select a map to start the battle. You can select the map according to your preference: Heaven Garden, Pakut City 3018, Nuclear City, White House, Sky Island, .. and more. Each map has different terrain and size, so choose the map that you feel is the easiest to fight for. Once you have selected the map, you will get a helicopter dropping from above, direct the landing position to start fighting right away.

Play with friends

At that time, the console pops up, including a home button to control the movement, a switch to fire and a button to load the bullet. Move around, pick up support items and kill all nearby enemies in as short a time as possible. If you want to switch weapons during the battle, touch the weapons that are present on the screen. After you have mastered the gameplay and some key features, be sure to look at your character more. Buy accessories such as hats, clothing, masks, shoes or even pet. Equipment will help you increase your strength, while pet will accompany you in battle.

Sum up

Since launching this game, you’ve come to terms with familiar interface and backgrounds like Minecraft survival games, right? Yes, Pixel Gun 3D graphics are analogous to Minecraft, 8bit graphics, boxed blocks, and extremely vibrant colors. The size of this game is quite light and does not require network connection when it comes to experience, download the game and start the fight right now.

– Superhero arsenal in Battle Pass and trader van;
– Super-villainous power in the new event of the insidious Portalius and the Lottery of Radioactivia;
– New map – aircraft carrier
– New 3 mini-games: Descent on the gliders, Sniper Arena and Race for survival
– Optimization of the game and finalized the control settings.

MOD Info

– Unlimited bullets

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