Plague Inc. (MOD, Proper/DNA)


You like to do something big, but not as good as those that created the crisis, or the spread of disease or … anything that is destructive. You really fit in with Plague Inc. – a simulation game and Miniclip developed and debuted. If you have seen the movies related to parasites and diseases such as Deranged 2012 (Korea) or Kiseijuu (Japan), Plague Inc is also a game about the pandemic that is capable of spreading the world. Not to mention the content, right from the logo of the game has said all.

A movie, if there is a main character, must have a villain role. Most of the current games are prone to heroic work, making you feel tedious because the motifs are so repetitive. Why do not we try the villain, you will spread the threat of human disease, it will be interesting and interesting. The launch of Plague Inc. has shaken the gaming community for its unique playability and metamorphosis.

Can you Infect the World?

Your main mission in Plague Inc. is to spread the disease. Plague Inc truly and deeply demonstrates how the disease is spread in the same way that people resist it. Your real enemy now is the people who fight the disease, calculating and arranging for the disease to spread and develop successfully is really an interesting thing. The object for you to carry the spread is the whole world. You must have a specific strategy to spread the virus to the whole world.

The game has up to three main levels. Later on, the harder it becomes. The strains and viruses that you have all have their own characteristics, of course, there are no viruses that are perfect for both the rate of spread and the degree of disease, the self-balancing factors that are advantageous and disadvantage to each other. Viruses that are capable of spreading the disease quickly cause only normal levels of disease, so your enemies can easily cure it but compensate for the extremely rapid rate of infection, or special strains that are capable of It causes high and severe illness but the rate of spread is extremely low. It is important to choose a location that can cure the enemy.

The ending point of this game is that when you completely spread the pandemic to all over the world and reach the highest level, the whole world is destroyed and you are alone. At each location, you must collect the viral DNA to enhance the performance of the virus. The higher the level of difficulty, the higher the level, the more likely the enemy will create an epidemic vaccine. In order to become a monster, you must have a tactic for the epidemic to take place quietly, causing the enemy to have no chance of returning to the end, which is when the enemy can not save himself. Points you won.


The design is also a plus point after the gameplay. Right from the logo of the game, has shown all target game direction. Graphics in the game are done carefully, reaching the level and good. Smooth and beautiful images, smooth, colorful colors “villain”. Each level is characterized by specific details, intuitive and exactly the same as the reality. The sound in the game is primarily the voice of the messenger describing the activities taking place around the world, helping you gather information and perform better. The main map is clear, intuitive operation is easy.


Plague Inc. MOD is a game that helps you change the wind extremely well, unique gameplay, graphics stability. Not to mention, the appeal of the game is undeniable. Plague Inc. will really conquer you on everything. Plague Inc. is being free on the application store, download, and experience.

MOD Info

All Unlocked-unlocked all cheats (unlimited dna etc),all genes etc.

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  1. What’s meant with unlimited DNA. Because when you play there is no unlimited DNA. You still need to wait till the game has generated enough DNA.

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