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Today, our world is developing in the direction of modernization. The human life is more important, no longer considered only the sunshade cover anymore. Construction plays an essential role in serving human needs, and for the development of businesses. When building buildings, warehouses, workshops, etc. grow up, human life is also gradually improved. Would you like to contribute to the cause of building your country more beautiful? Pocket Build will work with you to build your buildings and create the world as you imagine.

The game builds the great open world

Pocket Build is a simulation game about building. In this game you will become a mayor, holding the power of a city development leader, as well as a building architect. When you start the game, your city is flat land, not a thing. Build the foundation for the building. To build something, double-click the build status bar. The screen interface will display various icons, including homes, trees, buildings, towers, fences, and other items.

You choose the building, then select the location to complete the construction. But do not just build and then leave, do the art to create the masterpiece. For example, when you build a house, add some trees around the house to make shade, choose a fence around it, or when you create a windmill or place them In locations far from the buildings, and where there are winds for them to function as well as possible. Build an amusement park, farms and pets, industrial parks, and busy commercial areas to make your city livelier.

Besides, this game offers a great mission system; you can get more bonuses and exp to increase your level. As the level grows, you can unlock more special works. At the same time, you need to optimize your city, create jobs for everyone, help people have a stable income for a better life. But you also need to remind them about paying taxes and protecting their surroundings. Annually, make demographic statistics and conduct surveys to test the level of happiness for everyone.


This game is quite similar to Minecraft; you can build without having to worry about resources. Light graphics, but attractive to players by bright colors. This game has no limit; you can effortlessly drop your imagination and build, create beautiful scenery. Fresh forests, farms, or tall buildings. Currently, the game is released for free on both the Android platform and ios. You can own this game with a click on the download button right here

MOD Info?


Unlimited resources can be obtained by using or using it once, or choose settings, click General -> Survival Sanbox -> Ultimate Sandbox


1. Infinite Gold ( Get some first and you will receive 5,000 and from there it increases when used)
2. Infinite Food ( Get/use some first and you will receive 5,000 and from there it increases when used)
3. Infinite Wood ( Get/use some first and you will receive 5,000 and from there it increases when used)

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  1. Why the mod money is not work??? Iam play the game but the mod still not work….

  2. This Game Stuck On Loading Can You fix It?

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