Pocket World 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)


When players come to the game Pocket World 3D, players will experience the feeling of becoming the creator of an entire civilization. This is a fascinating puzzle game title and very worthy for players to experience.


The game is a puzzle genre, but the games in this genre will make players have to think a lot to find the answer. The game is built in the style of combining pieces of objects to form a complete thing. Players will experience the feeling of becoming a creator of cities around the world. In this game, there will be things related to each other to form an overall picture of it, when you do that, the player will complete that game. Players will be provided with pieces; there are many pieces of something, such as trucks, houses, or many other things. And to win, players will need to find the exact position of the parts in the picture to bring them to the right spot. For large pieces, the player will surely find their position quickly. But for small things that will become a lot harder, so try to use the big pieces first. Initially, the player will be provided with a foundation for all, and there will be positions on it for players to assemble the pieces. If the player wants to be a pro player of this game, then the player needs to have a rich imagination to visualize the whole picture. If you can do that, it will be straightforward for the player to find the exact position of the pieces.

Each stage will also be able to be broken down into smaller levels, and the person who needs to complete the minor things comes up with the bigger ones. For example, the player will build a house in the process of manufacturing before that player will assemble the car and then the house. Once all levels in the game have been completed, the player has completed the stages in the game. There is a unique feature of this title that dogs are free to choose any stage that they enjoy with them to play the game, without being forced.


Set of civilizations

Players will experience all the works with each building style typical of many regions around the world. There are European-style houses like the UK, and there are also Asian-style houses from ancient China. They are developed over a period of time, at first, they will be old things and then will come with many more new things.

3D graphics

This feature is what makes the player can stimulate his imagination, and players, players are not only observed at a fixed camera angle as before. Thanks to the 3D graphic format, players can rotate objects to watch everything around the object to find the position of each different piece. This will help players quickly find what they need and make the game easier for players to experience.

MOD Info?
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Tips
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  1. Update to the latest version pls and this version cannot make any purchase

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