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  • February 28, 2018
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To many people, the image of the superheroes in the famous series Power Rangers did become a part of their childhood. For a long time, Power Rangers’ heroes become a model that many boys and girls dream of becoming. Inspired by the Power Rangers series, NEXON Company will launch the mobile Power Rangers RPG with attractive 3D graphics, promising to bring a lot of emotion and nostalgia to many gamers. With Power Rangers, our superheroes dream may come true.

Before going further into the game, let’s take a closer look at the publisher NEXON Company. Coming from Korea, NEXON Company was founded in Seoul in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song. The company went into the development of online games on PCs and mobile phones, releasing more than 100 games in 190 countries. In 2011, the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception, the NEXON Company’s mobile games have always been favourited, with impressive downloads. It can be said that the name NEXON has been a guarantee for a quality game.

An eye-catching 3D graphics with sound effects and glorious visuals.

Games from NEXON Company have never disappointed players. Graphic design, effects and sound are always invested carefully. Power Rangers RPG MOD is no exception. This game is a 100% 3D game.The design team has built a vibrant gaming world in every detail with colour and smooth motion. Most Power Rangers players agree that the effects of the game are very sophisticated and eye-catching. The flaming fire, the lightning burst, … all the tactics in the game are excellent! The sound is excellent too. Each breath, each blow, each shot, each punch and scream, as well as the sound of the surroundings are lively and authentic. Combined with carefully crafted 3D graphics and smooth movements, the Power Rangers experience is superb.

Familiar gameplay

Players will become superheroes with the Power Rangers. You will have to complete the daily tasks, destroy the monsters and explore the new world in the game. As a role-playing strategy game, Power Rangers allows players to select and use team members according to their desired strategy. You will choose the teammates you want, train together in the Dimensional Arena. Sometimes, players will need to ally with other superheroes to fight off the monsters and overcome the challenges posed by the game and receive rewards, treasures, equipment for the superheroes. One of the most exciting things about playing Power Rangers is the combination mode that makes fighting robots, like in the Power Rangers series.

Sum up

Although the game is in the testing phase, Power Rangers had shown itself to be a potential mobile game, promising to become a hit when it officially launched. Note: Power Rangers: RPG is in the process of developing and improving the quality of the game so that the game has only beta users to try. You can visit and download Power Rangers RPG APK to experience this fun game under the link below. However, players should note that the beta is only available for a limited time, and players’ data and gameplay will be deleted after the trial ends. Also, we encourage you to use the device with OS 4.0 or above to be able to install and play the game most comfortable.Do not hesitate, quickly download a game and become one of the first players in the world to test Power Rangers RPG!

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