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Prison Architect is a fun prison management game. Now that game was on mobile for Android. In the game, you will in jailer role rule hundreds to thousands of prisoners, try to keep prison stable.

Download Prison Architect Mobile APK v2.0.3 Mod Money latest for Android

Management is an important skill and the base to become a great leader. A good management is the one who has the skills to plan, organize people, run the business. If you confident with your management skills or just only wanna challenge yourself in that term, Let’s download Prison Architect game to Android now!

Prison Architect Mobile was published on PC in 2015 and have some success. Recently, Paradox Interactive decided to bring that game to mobile market and make more profit. Different the same game such as Cooking Fever, Family Restaurant or Tiny Chef …, your job in Prison Architect is unique. You must manage a group of bad prisoners committing many different offenses. There will be many works waiting for you, Let’s start.
In this playground, you will both act as an architect and jailer even law enforcement. Players have a mission is designing jail with the highest security, preparing daily things for prisoners and thinking about staffs salary, enhancing life Live spiritually for everyone.

The construction of the prison will include jails, canteens, security rooms, and infrastructure. In addition, when having more money, you can build special jails, fitness rooms, and even an execution room. First, your prison has little criminals but gradually, the prisoners were being sent to a large number of prisoners. To set the prison under control, you have to hire more guards and satisfy the necessary needs of each prisoner.
Management harder and harder day by day cause you must resolve all problems. If you don’t have good strategies, you will trap in problems. One time, it will become fights, demonstrations, prison break …

Built in a very courteous but sharp color, intuitive and simple controls, Prison Architect Mod for Android will be the great playground for you to use your management talent. The game was available in Android touchpad with arcade mode, more features and update content.

Main features of Prison Architect Mobile for Android:

  • Build and manage prison to lock away many different prisoners.
  • Prisoners’ needs for security, infrastructure, and budgets are increasing.
  • Watch storyline in Campaign mode to learn new build prison techniques and learn the daily life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and goals.
  • Unlock multiple campaigns with one-time purchase packages.
  • Violent Offenders: Manage the various types of crimes and control all kinds of problems such as floods, fires, fights, and riots.
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