Prison Escape APK (MOD Money)


You love action adventure games and want to try out the villains of the role-playing game. Then come to Prison Escape, a thrilling and engaging action game released by Words Mobile. Set in the dark jails where captives of infamous criminals are kept, prisoners inside are always trying to escape prison for their cramped and uncomfortable lives. They are willing to do everything to be free. You will become one of those criminals, using everything you know to find a way out of prison.

Joining the game, the player has the choice to choose a character in prison, then you will find a way to escape and to overcome the challenges in the game. Make careful calculations so that you can fool the jailers, find escape routes in prison, or find the right time to escape. The screen shows a small map of the cell to determine where you are. The buttons used to attack and escape the guards include action control, grenade launchers, wound healing or runners. Characters must look for defensive weapons, use them to hit the dungeon if detected and help level up.

Graphics and features

The interior space of the prison is designed in three dimensions like exact jails. Colour tones are mostly dark, bringing a sense of coldness and darkness as scenes from Hollywood action films. There are plenty of dining rooms, toilets, work areas and sports facilities. There are so many criminals inside that you can make friends and get away from prison. In a strictly regulated environment and with many different types of criminals, it is a bit easier to find someone to escape.

  • The game has more than 30 levels in increasing difficulty, along with a thrilling plot full of surprises
  • The weapons in the game varied, players can pick up everything that you see on the ground. It could be knives, guns, bombs or even medical kits
  • The controls are well laid out, allowing the player to control his character in a simple third-person perspective.

Sum up

To experience the feeling of fleeing from a place like a prison is indeed a dangerous act, and it encourages those who fall in love with the challenge to conquer it. This is an action game so only suitable for ages appropriate user requirements must be over 16 years old. Let’s see if you can become a wise criminal and a brave when you can get out of prison when you join the game Prison Escape MOD.

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  1. Please I need mod of the game

  2. Very good game

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