Project QT (MOD, One Hit/Unlocked Character)


Project QT is an anime-based RPG game with a visual novel element to satisfying the anime fans. This game takes place in a parallel dimension but has a more advanced scientific technique. An accident happens while people are experimenting with Black Hole in the Arctic. The accident opened up a gate that connects with another dimension. On the other side of the gate, creatures slowly merge out, and the world immediately determined that those creatures are Monster Girl that exists only in the imagination of man.


This game has very simple gameplay but takes a lot of time to master. The player became a trainer and tasked with collecting various powerful Monster Girls. Players can only use up to 8 different girls during a battle, and they can be chosen into the squad before each battle. The combat is turn-based, so players can build a variety of tactics based on the girls who accompany the player.
Each turn, the player must use up all actions of all the girls, including normal attack, special attack, or defending. Each action has a different use, and they will be based on the characteristics of each character.

The player’s journey against World Chaos takes place in various parts. Each part will contain countless challenges for players and to unlock new parts. The player must complete certain conditions. The reward for conquering the challenges will be rare materials that can help the player’s girls become stronger. Or some special items that allow players to perform some actions and bring greater rewards. Monster Girls are divided into different races, each one has a unique trait including personality, weakness, strengths, and skills. Each girl’s rank is assessed to be between 1 * – 5 *, the higher the rank, the greater the power, and the appearance becomes more beautiful. However, to be promoted, she must accompany the player in many battles and have to meet certain conditions to rank up.

This game has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover, so what are you waiting for? Com with us and start a new journey and collecting all the girls you like in “Project QT.”

MOD Info?

1. Unlock all 1-5 stars character image (even unsummoned one)
2. Unlock monster girl video (only unlocked monster girl)
3. God Mode
4. Auto Win
5. Continuous Combo
6. Damage x100
7. 1 turn skill cool-down
8. Hide state

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10 thoughts on “Project QT (MOD, One Hit/Unlocked Character)

  1. When mod 2 update for v6

  2. Update mod 2 v6 please

  3. Hey can you pls add vixen wars mod apk version 1.19.0

    • Fyi. V7.0 just dropped yesterday morning. Would love an update game and if time, sometime would enjoy talking to somebody about the process of mod’ing

  4. Update version 7.0

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