PUBG: Army Assault APK (PUBG Mobile by Tencent)

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Perhaps it is time to have a game that downgraded the League of Legends to a lower position when it became the most popular game. Now it is still dominating the gaming market as the number of official players is increasing and games that mimic it are spilling over in gaming forums. Maybe many people have guessed what game it is. Exactly!!! It is the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a survival game that combines the role-playing element that stands at the top of the gamer community. Recently, around the beginning of December 2017, Tencent announced a trailer for the launch of PUBG on mobile called PUBG: Army Assault (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile). This game promises to stir mobile gaming community for a long time in the future. The game called name Chinese is 绝 地 求生: 全军 出击, produced by Timi Studio Group – a team of six development people under Tencent


Someone will wonder that the game has such a reputation for introducing gameplay to do what? Those who ask that question are wrong. Because Tencent will give us a “PUBG based” game rather than “copy” it. So, they will add some amazing new features, something that you will not be able to experience if you just play this game on a PC platform. Do not forget that Tencent is one of the largest developers and publishers in China with more than 1.3 billion people.

The official version of PUBG on mobile

The publisher from China just discussed to make an agreement with PUBG Corporation (a company under developer Bluehole). We do not help them, but I hope you will support me. Most of all, I want to see the scene where they started working on the project before the agreement was signed and announced explicitly for the gamer community.
In the new trailer, we can see that the game is built on the main content of PUBG PC but has its unique features that only PUBG M (a.k.a PUBG: Army Assault) owns. There will be a parachute jump at the beginning of the game and then a series of new happenings. Boats are running high on the river chase each other, on which the player can control the machine gun shooting down his opponent and even blow up their boat. Everything has not stopped there; the game will have the serious naval warfare with terrible battleships and military elites. The designer brought in sea battles but also brought in helicopters and held aerial combat and much more.

Graphics, sound

There is no denying that the graphics of the game is beautiful and “Not inferior to the PC version at all.” You will see the character array is designed to look exactly like real people in the game. They have very smooth and accurate interactions with the environment, without hindering the player from living. Moreover, boats or helicopters and powerful motorcycles are also beautifully designed. Accompanied by that sound is invested heavily with the gun and the commander’s voice repeatedly.

How to survive?

  • The game inherits all the best from the original PC version. Thus, PUBG’s gameplay: Army Assault is quite similar to his predecessor. There will be a lot of things that you need to do but here I will teach you the rules you need to survive.
  • Drop parachute in a safe place, fewer competitors
  • Search for guns (look for powerful rifles or shotguns like AMW)
  • Look for armour, helmets, shoes, masks, medicine boxes, blood potions … and all the other supplies you need.
  • Move skillfully and knock down opponents from behind
  • Regularly check the safe area and move in the middle (do not forget to have lots of opponents waiting for you there)
  • Use a car or motorbike if you want to move fast

Sum up

Why am I sure PUBG: Army Assault APK will become a blockbuster shortly? Because the pre-registration of the Chinese gamer market has reached over 1 million Chinese players. Please wait for a near future when the game is officially released on the smartphone home platform. If you’re lucky, you can also catch me on the same battlefield. I will not tolerate you.

Note: currently, the new game only supports the Chinese language. If you want to learn a bit about the Main Menu or some of the features in the game, check out our tutorial article: Here

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