How to download PUBG Mobile APK (by Tencent) for Android, iOS

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In recent days, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has become a big hit. Mostly, everyone knows this game but to download and experience it is not easy at all. The main reason is that Tencent has not released this game widely around the world, so downloading and logging into the game is not easy. Here, ModDroid will guide you to read how to download and get familiar with PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile is the best survival game for mobile and PC devices. The full name of the game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. After releasing half a year on the PC platform, this game has surpassed CS: GO to become the most favourite game of the year. It is because of this fever that Tencent bought the game’s copyright and decided to bring it to the mobile platform. And now, with just a compact smartphone, you can experience this game whenever you want. Of course, with a network connection.

Download for Android

Since Android is open source, downloading the game is quite straightforward. You just click on the download link below and proceed to install the APK file. Note that the game has a download size of 700-800MB but DATA games can be up to 1GB. Note the available memory of the device before downloading and installing the game.

PUBG Mobile (Lightspeed & Quantum) – English: Click here

PUBG: Army Assault (Timi Studio): Click here

PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield (Lightspeed & Quantum): Click here

Download for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

As the new game is only released for the Chinese region, users who are using the iOS operating system will find it difficult to download the game. However, there is one way you can try it. That is roaming.
First go to Settings -> iTunes – App Store -> View ID -> Country, Region

Continue to China and roaming. You have to enter the address and zip code of China can be successful. Here’s a sample you can try: Note that the roaming process will manually cancel your Apple Music membership. If you do not want this to happen, sign up for a brand new Apple ID.

Now, all you need to do is to visit one of the following links to download the PUBG game

PUBG Mobile:
PUBG: Army Attack:

Login game

To log into the game, you need a Wechat account. To download Wechat please visit the path below

Then proceed to register a Wechat account. Note that you can not delete Wechat because this is an application that will help you sign in later
After the game opens, the login screen will appear as follows:

Click on the Wechat icon to log into the game. The next step is to create a character and name your character. Note that the nickname cannot be changed.

Sometimes, some banner ads will appear on the screen, just press the X button in the right corner.

Now that it’s done, the game’s standby screen will appear. Players just press the yellow button to the left to start. The game has three main modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. Solo mode allows players to join and fight with 100 others. Duo mode lets you join up with 3 other friends as a team. Squad mode is a random selection. Since this is the official game adapted from PUBG, things do not seem to change. Get acquainted and become the last survivor.

Currently there is no English version for PUBG Mobile games, however, readers can refer to our “Getting to know PUBG Mobile”.

Main Lobby:

Basic Settings:

Picture Settings:

Firing Settings:

Vehicle Movement Settings:

Sensitivity Settings:

Loot Settings:

Record Settings:

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