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Stepping into a new land, engaging in an original story is exciting for those who are passionate about the experience as you do. Ragnarok Rush game is famous for its Nordic mythology and re-created with an entirely new perspective. The view of the mortal has no power. That is enough to make people extremely excited about this game already. Do not wait for anything but experience it.

Multiple play modes

Explore the new cites in Ragnarok
To accomplish this impossible task, our heroes must travel all over the land to another kingdom in the face of many difficulties and challenges. They also go to new places, experiencing cultural specialities that no one has ever enjoyed and admired the majestic beauty more than any traveller. When participating in the game players will be surprised with the unusual places that manufacturers bring them. It will be interesting.

Pet Collecting
Collect all the famous monsters and pets of Ragnarok! When you have to endure prophecy and become a hero to sacrifice to protect the world from extinction, they must be the fear of conquest. So you have the pets, and mystical creatures support you on the way to kill enemies. They are the most loyal and reliable companions, without betrayal. Also, these friends have their special powers and moves that can help you throughout the world.

Hero and Pet Potential
Unlock the hidden potential within your hero and pet! And after an extended period of companionship and fighting together, you and your pets become increasingly mature and progressive. At this point, the most essential is the combined skills to create powerful combos enough to reverse the situation in difficult times. The higher the combination, the higher the potential for awakening. Open your heart and find out your pets carefully as you.

Arena Modes
Battle with other heroes and their teams! The struggle for honour! The battle for glory! And mainly Battle for Loot
So far you have enough self-confidence and power yet? Has the level reached to challenge all other players who are trying as well formally? Then it’s time to improve your fighting skills. The arena is an extremely violent place. People fight and kill each other, punish each other when the enemy made fatal mistakes. But so too are those who come from the arena always have a steel spirit, almost impossible to be subdued. Here you have to fight with other heroes and their team, fight for your glory, a battle for honour.

Ragnarok Rush will divide your character into five classes including swordsman, magician, thief, acolyte and archer. Each level has its strength and skills, so you have to think carefully to choose the right direction for the future. Try to practice a lot with your choice to become a good player. A swordsman needs to have a lot of defensive and defensive stats or an archer to keep his position bright so he will not be injured and inflict the most damage possible on the enemy team. Finally, players will have to think about upgrading their character’s stats and stats to maximise their strength and effectiveness in the group. Or more than creating new, engaging and fresh ways of playing. It all depends on you,

Special Modes
Scale the Legendary Geffen Tower, beat up a strangely over-sized cat, hunt down those legendary MVP Monsters! Climb the legendary Geffen Tower and perform one of the most difficult Ragnarok missions in the world. There will be strange cats, hidden power unimaginable waiting for you or the monster is more terrible than many times. Do your best to hunt down the mythical opponents that all the heroes who want to destroy the book. Come on brother

Graphics, sound

Ragnarok Rush will immerse you in vibrant and crisp 3D graphics. The characters are carefully scrutinised, each action gives you a genuine feeling. This game interface will appeal. Skill creates each scene vibrant and not dull. The effect of sunshine or romantic sunset beautiful. The vibrancy of sound makes you cannot refuse a hot game like this. With the irresistible appeal of Ragnarok Rush, players will experience unforgettable emotions. Do not wait any longer, download Ragnarok Rush Mod APK on the smartphone and relax after hours of study and work stress.

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