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  • November 1, 2017
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The game brings the open world action gameplay and the best graphics design in the mobile world, Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation is expected to be the most popular blockbuster in late 2017. Caret Games games developer recently unveiled its first cinematic trailer to introduce a new mobile gaming project called Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation. Know that, this is a role-playing game and extremely attractive open world action. However, the most outstanding thing to say is probably the best graphics platform that the game will bring.

Download Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation APK+DATA latest for Android/iOS

Through the game, trailer has partly shown that the graphics quality is meticulously invested by the developer and extremely detailed by the character design, the environment, sharp 3D shadows. Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation APK was created by applying the same Unity 3D technology with the latest combat system, which brings the punches in an open world.
Join Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation, players will have the opportunity to experience a true MMORPG, go anywhere and do whatever you want. There is not any picture of the gameplay in this mobile game, but with a graphical platform is not inferior to the PC MMO with the atmosphere of live battle. Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation will attract love from the gamer by natural way.

With a common roleplaying game and above all the ability to move freely everywhere, Rebirth To The Sky is sure to be a good name in the future. As an MMORPG, players will have the opportunity to experience multiplayer modes like Boss Hunt, PvP, Battlefield, … extremely interesting. For those who do not know, Caret Games is a newly established company but a gathering place for more than 40 employees who have worked at other well-known brands such as NCsoft, Nexon, Neowiz Games. In the near future, the company promises to launch more quality products.

Features of Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation

  • The plot is intriguing and the gameplay is new, but it still retains the best and quintessential MMORPG genre.
  • PvP real time with all players in the world
  • Group up to hunt bosses and fight off dangerous enemies
  • The latest 3D mobile graphics
  • Support many languages: Korean, Chinese, English

Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation is still in development and will launch its first Korean market this year. All the latest information about the game will be updated to you in the following article. Of course, the download link will work as soon as the publisher releases the official.

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