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  • February 16, 2018
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Join Relic: Song of God, players will be immersed in a mystical story written for themselves. Surrounding you will be filled with mysteries including monsters and divine beings covered by time dust. The hero who can save the world is gradually dying, are you? Do not be afraid! Come on brother, look for divine relics to get the power to save humanity.

Game manufacturers are extremely fond of investing a large sum of money for graphics and sound. As a result, the images and sounds will make your emotions change continuously based on the pace of the game. The wonders you see on the screen may be one of the most intriguing scenes you’ll ever see, not to be seen in any other game. Also, you will be amazed at the sound and sound of all the vocal and background voices that are recorded directly by the famous vocalist.

Never before has a battle so flashy and so passionate. When the heroes rushed into each other, they were like the artists who performed for everyone to see a dead art. Besides, the screenplay is backed by beautiful scenery that makes it even more intense. The moves are more and more powerful and impressive due to the continuous improvement system of the game based on character development.

The content of Relic: Song of God APK is also deeply exploited so not boring to the player. The story of the harmony together with the different lives of each character is built very delicately and rhythmic with each other. They meet on the battlefield, always have a good reason to fight for their ideas. They also occasionally create a party to fight in Guild Siege.

You will get great support from games like pets and mounts. Your pets are of a different type and shape, in particular, they have fascinating characters that need to be explored. During battles, they are companions that help you deal more damage on enemies, while not fighting, can also become amount so you can move faster than walking. Finally, they can also provide you with additional skills during intense combat. Choose wisely to improve skills so that they can blend in with your character.

Sum up

A passionate battle is described as the gods’ song, no doubt about the level of attraction. Not only does the game have nice graphics, but it’s also lightweight, which makes the installation and the experience possible in Android 4.0 and up. Enjoy this blockbuster game from Korea.

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