Ring of Elysium – New survival game by Garena

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The charm of survival games has never been reduced. Since the launch of PUBG, this series of games has been introduced. We have Fortnite on PCs and consoles. Also, we recently added a lot of survival games to the mobile. However, to have a real survival experience on the computer, we have only two options that are Fortnite and PUBG. Garena recently launched its new Asian survival game, Ring of Elysium (RoE). This is a PC game that is comparable to PUBG shortly, in particular, the game is provided free. With a capacity of about 5GB, the Ring of Elysium supports many older models with relatively configurable. This is a plus point for Ring of Elysium has a place in the game market today.


Unlike other survival games, Garena Ring of Elysium (RoE) has a unique storyline about the existence of a company called EUROPA. This is a technology development company, and they have great technology in the future. However, they have done a wrong act that is abducting many people to perform a stature experiment. It’s Elysium – a test to test human development via real simulation. This experiment is extraordinary in that it forces people to kill each other to survive. It will bring the chosen people to a virtual world where players will have to kill each other to become the only survivor. So now you need to fight hard, try to collect more equipment, weapons and essentials to be able to live and escape the damn world!

Tactical play is still familiar

This is a style of play with countless interesting things, so no one wants to change the way of playing this genre. Ring of Elysium will take 100 players to a deserted island and drop them, all of them will jump from a large plane and use the spacecraft to take themselves anywhere on this large island. Try to find the full range of weapons and equipment you need, ready to combat and fight against any enemies you see. Ring of Elysium is free to win the game, meaning that when you join this game, you will not need to recharge to gain the advantage. Instead, you must use your skills to defeat other players.


Currently, the game has only two maps. The publisher also promises gamers to develop more maps shortly. The maps in this game are as large as PUBG. You will get to a large island up to 8×8 km2. Finding each other is not easy at all, does it? But be assured, the safe area is always shrinking, you will need to move there to keep yourself safe. But the same thing will cause the players to face each other in the gun battle continuously broke out. The in-game map is still designed in a familiar survival style. You’ll see great1p blocks, sprawling fields, swift rivers or huge harbours… all you see in PUBG will be in this game.

Any device can play

Ever since its launch, the Ring of Elysium APK has been targeting its audience. The game is provided free of charge and supports all older models. The basic configuration that the game requires is only 4GB of RAM, a core i3 CPU and an old graphics card five years ago, with about 10GB of free memory. That way, you can download this game and play it as a real PUBG. Garena ROE has shown that 2018 will be a boom year for the survival line as well as the release of Garena is planning to hit the market of mobile games and PC games through many quality products.

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