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Asphalt 8, Gangstar Vegas or MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited are the very first games that people think of when someone reminds of Gameloft. With more than 15 years of development, this great man has created many games, with many genres and received great support from the gaming community. Besides the above names, you may also like Rival Knights, an action game developed by Gameloft, and released at the beginning of 2014. If you’re a fan of action games and look forward to new experiences, don’t miss Rival Knights!

The story

Rival Knights take place in the medieval period when the kingdoms were at odds with each other, and there was a risk of war. Your kingdom is in a chaotic situation, the king has been killed and in danger of being invaded at any time. The royal family decided to open a contest, taking place throughout the kingdom to find the most powerful knight, continuing the throne. You will face thousands of opponents in the arena. With a sharp lance, and your warhorse, can you overcome every opponent and become a successor?


Initially, when participating in the game, you will be granted a steed, a weapon and some other equipment such as armor, helmet,… You will use these three items to participate in horseback competitions, and take the title of the most powerful knight. Specifically, in each game screen, you will have to control 2 elements: speed and attack. When the game screen starts, a speedometer will appear on the screen.

The indicator will keep moving, and you try to be very accurate, so that the indicator touches the blue line, then touch the screen to help the horse accelerate. This watch will continue to appear until you and the enemy move closer together. At this point, it’s time for you to use your lance and hit the enemy. Touch the screen, adjust the direction and touch to perform the attack. This is the hardest part in the battle process, deciding to win or lose, although you can have fast movement speed, if you perform a slower attack than an opponent, you will become a loser.

Besides fighting skills, you also need to pay attention to the war horse and your equipment items. The system provides blacksmithing functionality, allowing you to upgrade your equipment, and weapons, to enhance your attack and defense stats. Moreover, you can also unlock many other rare war horses. However, these processes require you to have gold coins. The system will reward you gold every time you win in the arena.


Rival Knights possess stunning 3D graphics. The characters were designed to be very similar, they put on sturdy armor, exalted the grandeur and greatness of an engineer. Besides, the scenery around the arena is also very authentic, including ample space, wearing a slightly ancient tone, reflecting the ancient architecture of Europe. In the process of fighting, you will experience a wide range of views, giving a very professional feel. Each small detail is carefully designed, it will give you the feeling of being immersed in a real, vibrant arena, but very fierce.

Besides, Rival Knights also have beautiful weather effects, smooth physical motion effects, and vivid sound system. With engaging gameplay and excellent graphics background, Rival Knights promise to bring you fun moments of entertainment. Do not miss this game; you can download the game according to the link under this article completely free.

Install Guide

  • Visit the game on play store, click “install”, after downloading a few %, quickly cancel the installation to get the game license.
  • Install the modded apk.
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