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As Asphalt 9 Legends is not yet hot in the mobile gaming community, Gameloft is introducing a new game called Rival Wheels. This is not a race car, but a motorbike race. The game is still in its infancy and is awaiting release. Gameloft is expected to release this game for iOS before this March and Android users may have to wait until early April to experience this new racing game. Gameloft is one of the most popular mobile game publishers in the world. They have confirmed their worth by a series of famous games such as Asphalt, Modern Combat … This success comes from engaging gameplay, high-quality graphics and a large community of gamers. Although not a big hit, Rival Wheels will be as successful as Gameloft has done with its predecessors.
Unlike other racing games like Mad Skill BMX 2, Gameloft’s Rival Wheels has an entirely new style. You’ll be pounding on the big blockbusters, spurting on the streets of famous cities, speeding and surpassing the other racers to win.

A lot of different vehicles

A characteristic feature of Gameloft’s racing games is the fact that they always carry a lot of famous car models in the world. And this is exactly what makes me happy with their Asphalt 9 Legends. However, they always know how to “money” by the player by not providing these beautiful cars, players have to use their bonuses to unlock each car. To get a bonus, you have to race and win. Right? You have to pass the other players on the first goal to get the right prize money. Use this money wisely, because the super cars are expensive, you have to save a long time to own them.

Great racing

What’s more, Rival Wheels brings you a lot of famous racing tracks, which are available in many major cities of Japan, Korea, France, Canada and the UK charge with this game. All the city’s, races in the game are designed with real ideas, is these races are real in real life, it has a ratio of 1: 1 with this game. Interesting is not it.

Main features

More difficult than other racing games
Rival Wheels is a tough game; it’s not as simple as Asphalt 9, it does not have a self-driving mode so you can eat popcorn and enjoy the game. Instead, you have to concentrate all the time, speed up, avoid obstacles and, mainly, collect attractive rewards along the way. Here, I’m talking about nitro yellow and blue vats, try to eat these jugs to speed up faster. Oh, I seem to forget something very important, that is the competitive feature. You can pin down opponents so they can not continue their race. So be careful with the drivers next to you.

Play online with lots of others
Not to mention that is the online feature play, you can participate in the adventure track with millions of other players around the world. Just need a network connection, you can do this quickly.

High-end graphics and audio
Graphics and sound are two of the best in this game, racing games usually do not have a right plot, and Gameloft apologizes to the player with a high-quality 3D graphics and an impressive soundtrack. Just enjoy the EDM music you love. Great is not it?

Sum up

Currently, this game has not yet been released, so we are unable to provide a download path to the public. But remember, the game will be released in March or early April here. Pay attention and visit our website daily to receive the latest games.

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