Roller Coaster APK (Mod Premium)


If you’re bored with games that take too much time to play like RPGs or simulation games, then it’s time to get some video games. These games of the genre give priority to simplicity and ease of understanding, can get acquainted immediately. You can play it anywhere and at any time have some free time even just 5p is enough for entertainment then. And Roller Coaster is one of the newest games of its kind released by Ketchapp. A little more information is only one day that the game has reached 5000 downloads, this is worth number attention.

Ketchapp is a Paris-based company that specializes in the video game industry. It is a company under the umbrella of Ubisoft, which operates the gaming market and has achieved remarkable success. The company had two successor products of Gabriele Cirulli’s open-source puzzle game 2048 and published it as an iOS app; replay the popular 2013 game Flappy Bird Run


Roller Coaster is a video game so it will have its way of playing but not coincide with another game. The game startup screen is quite simple but is well designed with eye-catching guides available on the screen to help players get familiar with the game interface. Your task is to ride the roller coaster as long as possible so be prepared to play non-stop until you lose it. The distance you take is far away, the higher the score. The gameplay is quite simple as you only need to make two moves on the phone screen to touch and drag.

Your fingers should always touch the screen and drag right or left to dodge the black obstacles and crush the pink target. If you can hit the middle of the targets, you will achieve the perfect bonus points. So try to use as much as possible. But the game also makes a lot of difficulties when your path is a roller coaster so it will bend, continually changing the shape and color makes it difficult to predict the direction of travel. If you have just moved up a slope and just below it is a black obstacle, you will have to react extremely quickly to escape. Be careful with the slopes.


Roller Coaster has perfect graphics and makes it possible for the gamer to play the game indefinitely. Besides, the manufacturer also offers you a variety of balls to choose from, not boring to play this game for a long time. The rollers are crisply designed and work with incredibly accurate hitboxes that make the interaction between gamers where the environment is closely linked. Bright colors and constant change is also an attraction of the game.

Sum up

Roller Coaster Mod a free game so you can download it and play it right now. Although it allows for free downloads, there are still $ 1.85 in-app purchase packages available. If you like the game and want to support the manufacturer, then try to buy those packages offline.

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