RoTK – Romance of the Three Kingdoms APK – New tactical game from NEXON


Nexon is a Korean mobile game publisher that has been famous for many years. Their games are mostly role-playing with beautiful graphics. However, this time, the publisher ignored the simple RPG games, instead, they introduced to the player a fascinating strategy game, the game named: Romance of the Three Kingdoms aka RoTK – The Legend of Cao Cao. Although only released a few days, the game has received considerable attention from the players. If you are a person who loves tactical games like AOE, this is a must-have. To say that this is the best mobile strategy game to date.

Story summary

It can be said that Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the pinnacle of a tactical game and it has also become a source of inspiration for publishers to rely on. Although there are entirely a few games on The Three Kingdoms, it is still the most popular game. With mind-boggling graphics, top-notch graphics on mobile phones, Koei and Nexon have created a mighty empire of their own that hardly any game can overcome their shadow. To this day, RoTK’s influence has been further expanded. And The Legend of Cao Cao is the main example of this assertion. This is a master game with a license purchased from the Koei publisher. Nexon is the buyer and brings it to the world with the great English language. NEXON is sure many people know. This is an excellent publisher from Korea; their outstanding games are Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed and Point Blank: Strike … if you have time, try them.

The scorned person will become a hero

It may have been a long time ago, Cao Cao’s image in the audience of movie lovers and novels is always downplayed. Under the shadow of the two heroes Liu Bei – Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao is still in front of everything. In the game of Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao, the player will encounter a completely new icon Cao Cao, a heroic intrigue. This may be considered a great man of Chinese history, but perhaps Lu Zhuanzhong has described a bit of a misunderstanding. (Of course, Cao Cao was dead, he was not here to pay for Nexon praising him for “joke”)

In Cao Cao’s film and novel, Cao Cao is considered to be a ruse. In this game, the player will feel Cao Cao as a heroic character, with the assertion of a guy makes a general. Not only that, he had the wisdom of the best military man in China at that time, he also had the kindness of a leading man. What he does is not meaningless wars, killing people. The battles he stands up have always been aimed at bringing peace to humanity.

Tactical tactics

SLG game titles on the current Three Kingdoms are exploited mainly two characters Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang … It is a slightly old trend, in addition to the gameplay as ” “. The player does not seem to need to do anything. With The Legend of Cao Cao, you will have to do everything from the number zero. The player will be doing what a general must do. From construction to accumulation, control soldiers to the training of weapons. All this work has to be done manually and have to wait for a while. Success or failure depends on your cunning.

The gifts are attractive

If you are familiar with Nexon products, players will quickly find themselves usually not pay too much for the game but can still build their own empire. That is because these products typically have a lot of ingame activities with precious gifts. Take a look at the Dynasty Warriors: Unleased; it’s clear that, right from the start of the game, the player will have a chain of events extremely valuable. Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao too, if nothing changes. When the product launches on February 22, there will be a series of 14-day event logs dedicated to players who, if they know how to utilise and use these items wisely, gamers also have. It’s something that regulars, which very few other SLG products do when they regularly make money from players when possible.

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