Royale Rising: Battle Royale Evolved


Royale Rising: Battle Royale Evolved – Since 2017 to date, the game market has been divided by the dominance of the two largest players in the games MOBA and Battle Royal style. The truth is that the hotness of the survival game elements has not yet stopped. This means that it is constantly evolving and producers are still paying out new elements to make the game’s theme more unusual. We have seen Battle Royal games featuring elements of ancient Asian martial arts, the western United States, including extraterrestrial battles that have also been exploited.

Battle Royale Evolved

In recent times, Gameloft has released a notice that makes many players feel bustling. They are launching a game Battle Royal with a strange style. It’s strange in terms of prospective design, character graphics, and gameplay. Royale Rising Battle Build Survival Arena is a product that is being talked about. But it was just released version CBT for USA and Canada. But do not worry too much about having to wait a long time to enjoy the global version of it. Because the publisher has promised to quickly bring the game to market in the shortest possible time, maybe by the end of 2018 or early 2019. Also in the game, if you have some problems. You can contact Gameloft directly through the Royale Rising Discord.

Welcome to The Cradle, battle of the future

Royale Rising will definitely beloved in the near future because it is compatible with any mobile device from phone to tablet. In addition to that feature, the manufacturer makes the game time shorter, which means that the pace of the game will be much faster than before. Players entering the game quickly recognize a PvP Battle only for about five minutes. This is a relatively short amount of time compared to almost all games of the same genre.

Gameloft has identified it as a Battle Royal game, which means that everything will follow the old rules but will be incorporated into new ones. The first new thing is that you will be playing the game in the third view from the top down. Other than the third angle of 45 degrees as Fortnite did or the first view as most other games. You will be using an analog stick with the buttons representing the right key operation. Once put into the game map, the main task is to quickly loot the necessary equipment and seek to destroy the enemy or escape so that you become the last survivor.

Royale Rising introduced the game in a different way than what appeared in the game. Characters can switch to a new state after being destroyed so that they can continue to help their comrades in battle. This has overcome the most significant disadvantage of this game mechanics when you die; it can only “watch movies.” For example, when you are engaged in a fiery battle, and there are 99 people ready to fight, but you are the first to be killed. Certainly feeling remarkably inhibited and want to take back a bit of honor but can not. Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes to wait for your teammates to finish the game before they can continue playing with them. With the new mechanism of Royal Rising, you can solve this problem thoroughly.

Top graphics, character diversity

Sophisticated players can instantly recognize the game’s short time thanks to this mechanism. Dead teammates can still support the match, so there is no stoppage at all that continues to occur on the tactics that players have outlined before. For example, if your team has five people and one person is dead then the rest of the team must play slowly. But if they are still active in the game, their rhythm will not slow down at all. These people can observe the map, loot the blood, and aid in dealing additional damage to the opponent.

Regarding the game’s limitations, we can see that the controller design still has some annoying bottlenecks in moving graphics. With a third view, you can see everything displayed on the map but will make the character move quite tricky when there are differences in altitude terrain, and the territory is complex and small narrow. It seems the character is “floating” on the ground. It takes a long time to edit, so the game is still in CBT. But rest assured that the game requires phone memory up to 3GB of RAM using the Snapdragon 820 with an Adreno 530. That day is sure to be perfect.

Configurator proposed by the publisher

(Devices with weaker hardware may not launch the game, or during play may drop fps)

• GPU equal to Adreno 530 and above
• CPU equivalent to Snapdragon 820 and above
• RAM is equal to 3GB and above

Install guide

  • Download the XAPK file
  • Download XAPK Installer and install
  • Use the XAPK Installer to install “Royale Rising: Battle Royale Evolved”
  • Run the game
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