Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Premium (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Coming to this game, even if you have not experienced driving or owning your own car is not essential. At times in life, young people like to have their own car to share with friends, but adults are tired of it. They have jobs to do, and cars are just a moving tool. Everyone has their own goals to need a game driving simulator. However, the people who benefit from this are only game makers. Every year, they launch regular traffic simulation games and always get the love of the community.

Welcome to huge, realistic and destroyed world

ABGames89 has quite a reputation in this gaming community on the gaming community as many of their games have been announced on Google Play and AppStore. Moreover, it is interesting that they are from remote Russia, not from the country famous for mobile games. That is why they bring us the specialty of this country. Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Premium is simply a truck driving simulator but puts in the context of Russia.


Although this is not an open world game, it has a large map that simulates the real roads in Russia. When you join the Russian Car Driver, ZIL 130 Premium will see the big roads, leading to many states. The spectacular landscape turns out, in harmony with the modern life, outline a general picture of the people here.

Build the career and plunge into subject events

Apparently, though this is a simulation game, surely you will not play it meaningless? Who goes to a game and go around without a destination? Therefore, players will be assigned to the task of transporting goods throughout the country. Cargoes are also diverse, in turn appearing and demanding different driving techniques to keep them intact. The farther away, the shorter the time, the more money you will earn. Once you have the account in hand, do not hesitate to upgrade your car to be able to increase speed and smooth in the move. Parking is also an important technique; this is also a new feature that Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Premium designed to increase the player’s knowledge.

Do not think the game will stop at the freight. It also allows players in the game to entertain by organizing exciting rally races. Russian Car Driver will definitely make the drivers excited. Conquering the high mountains, snow-covered dense, but driving a car across the highway full of vehicles is also an exciting feeling that these players understand.

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