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Surely you have some understanding of how to play cards but when do you find out what TCG is? It is a pretty attractive game called “Trading card game”. Initially, you only played this game in real life with the actual cards, but the later the virtual technology ascended the throne, there have been shifts in the game structure dizzily. SEN SEN SEN KI is a game rated TCG and became a hot game with 3D character models. If you’ve had a fun childhood, you’ve probably seen the famous manga series Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon. These are the two icons and the brilliant success of the trading card game genre.

Remix of cards like Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh card battles

Sen Sen Sen Ki is still based on turn-based and card-based battles, but there are some weird changes such as breaking the base or moving characters on the battlefield. Perhaps this innovation will make gamers more fun with this type of game. As I mentioned before, this game is a creative succession that brings us to the Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh card battles. But why are gamers paying attention? It is not rigid and has changed so much that we are not boring at all. I will show you a little bit about how this game is played.

TCG with 3D character models

You will first place a character in your collection down the battlefield as all the same genre. But the exciting thing is that your characters are not standing still. They move within the limits of the SP points given by the game at the beginning of the game. Each time a move to spend an SP points and if the SP points that you have not won also count as losers. Of course, the ultimate goal of the game is to destroy the main house of the opponent. If you move through “bridge” to the main base and deal damage to it, the opponent will lose health point based on the damage you have. Apparently, you cannot enter enemy bases quickly, they also have their characters to go to, and of course, they have the right to attack.

Gaming screens consist of a system of tokens and buttons for attack and defence. On the panel will show full details such as damage index, armour index and health point along with many other things. You will have 24 points, and if it drops to 0, you will lose.

A diverse character system with a variety of skills and functions

Sen Sen Sen Ki for Android/iOS is equipped with a very diverse character system, typical for the game TCG. Each character will own a particular class, such as powerful fighters, mages or supporters, and will hide the same skills at all. They will have differences in how they operate a skill to bring benefits to their team or damage to the enemy.

Skills and items support

After a period of battle, your opponents will be stronger than before, harder to destroy. At this point, you need to upgrade your character’s stats. Moreover, the game will reward you with skill points to improve their strength and make more efficient on the battlefield. Also, you will get useful support items that help a lot in the battle and cause the fight to turn if you use it in time.

Graphics & Sum up

You must have imagined this scene a long time ago when watching the Yu-Gi-Oh series when your cards are allowed to appear vividly in front of you and fight for us. The game lets you experience exciting 3D visuals of the characters along with the strikingly polished and smoothly crafted attacks.

Besides, the scene in Sen Sen Sen Ki is also beautifully built with two opposing platforms with distinctively distinctive colours, which greatly help the gameplay process when you can avoid confusion. Come to us and register to play Alpha/Beta Test from the 26th to 28th January 10 am – 11:30 pm (JST). It will be fascinating.

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